On the other side.

Often in life we find pain in things which were supposed to bring us happiness. Surrounded by a sea of people and yet lonely inside. How did we end up where we weren’t supposed to be? Strange isn’t it? How one person who once meant the world to you is now just another someone.
Change is inevitable. Sometimes changes hurt. Sometimes they bring us happiness. This happiness although is a purely subjective concept. Some people find it in the sadness of others while some are ready to give up theirs to see that smile on their loved ones face.
Perfect wasn’t he? The way he smiled. He meant the world to you. But little do we know, the harder we fall the more easily they destroy us.
His words, which moved you like magic, now kill you bit by bit. Like a sword piercing through your veins, slicing every ounce of that trust you had, killing every inch of the love that’s left. So afraid to not have an existence without them, you cave in. You believe them when they say they love you and also when they call you worthless. Escaping this means escaping the comfort zone built over the years. Unable to leave that one person whom you opened up to, you try to recreate this relationship in your mind, try to make it perfect. Could the pain be any less without words? Sufferings are not always for the disabled and disability is not always the loss of a body part. Disability is evident in the fear of change. When we know someone’s insecurities are overshadowing our identity and their love is curbing our freedom and yet we stand with them, so still that no storm could break this trust. They find solace in dominance and we find it in suppression. It needs to change, it’s stagnating your flow. But we? We prefer to cry till there are no emotions left to even empathize.
Expectations distort the sheer idea of love. Love may be blind but is it supposed to be irrational too?

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