Navratri: Nine Nights of Celebration

As nine nights of celebration, Navratri, begins, let us explore different meanings of the Divine Goddess known as Shakti. The cosmic feminine force Shakti translates as power, and her masculine counterpart Shiva translates as peace.

Shakti is not the power gained through aggression or violence. Shakti is the power of Shiva, in other words, the power of peace. She is the power or energy that comes forth in the silence of the mind. It is the energy that illuminates and enlivens from within.

Shakti is the embodiment of wisdom and devotion, and Shiva is the symbol of will. During these nine days, we worship Shakti to invoke our own power. We endeavor to raise our own consciousness.

Shakti is the Divine Mother who has the power and potency to create new life. She governs the whole universe. She is the embodiment of beauty and creativity. She has the power to bring forth great transformation in human beings. When we invoke this power within ourselves through various spiritual techniques, we experience the unfoldment of our latent abilities.


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