Jat Reservation and JNU/Indian Army Issues

Every time something “big” happens in the country I feel like what the f*** is happening to this country. Well I am 25 and I, after coming to my senses have not seen too major things happening( I do not know if i should feel good or bad about that), but past two years or so have taken me by real surprise. From Muzaffarnagar to HCU, OROP to LAAR. And now Jat reservation to JNU fiasco. I will not call myself “political” as I am certainly not leftist, neither i take myself to be a rightest. Congress as a party i feel is trying to bring life back to the dead by the help of a child. But then I feel I may as well be called “political”. I do not support AAP, yes I do not! I think it is good to be idealist , but for a country like India it is far more important to be “practical”.

Now the two major issues at hand using which media is playing us fool(including those who are the actors in this). “Jat reservation” — — — who is Jat? Well Jat is majority caste in Haryana ( also makes minorities in Delhi, UP, Rajasthan) mostly farmers. They are I believe not a poor caste( being a Jat myself). Anyone with even little logic will be able to see that this whole fuss is not even about reservation. This is simple “divide and rule” for vote bank. At many places Jat are not even doing anything violent. Poor souls everyone just believe if there is anything violent it must be Jats! What they also do not know is to be united under one leader or committee. As we say in Haryanvi “Sab apna apna Lath leke khade hain”! All that you all (including me) will achieve by this is even worse reputation and promises of reservation. Is it worth all the effort? Or can we come together and talk?

Now the JNU fiasco. Let me start by “I do not know the real scenario” , and i believe no one does. The media in India does a good job of confusing people rather than informing them. Imagine we pay the cable bill so that people can confuse us!!! (:-)) ABVP was involved, leftists were involved, soon the nowhere-ist entered and it became a round table! Well if they wanted to protest against capital punishment they could find only Afzal Guru as the face? How about someone who was hanged for murder or even rape for God sake. So, they were trying to make it political! Then why are there no mentions of capital punishment as a topic, all are seen with poster of Afzal Guru. Confusing!! Anyone who shouted anti-India slogan (that is if they did) belong in Jail. Rest let ABVP not control everything everywhere!! C’mon I used to feel great that we could talk about things in our country. Let people discuss and debate , it makes them better humans.

And now the biggest of all culprit! BJP, Congress, AAP, BSP etc. wtf is wrong with all these parties/people. No sense whatsoever. They are ready to make a political issues out of nothing!! Do something, yes do something , do something positive!!! Go talk to the children in schools, to the students in colleges, to the mothers and to the grandmothers! Talk to the kids and to the parents! Talk to the soliders and to the welders and painters.Seems like you have forgotten what makes India, India! For sometime (maybe a week or a month or a year) stop preaching and listen!!

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