CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is one of the core technologies used for building webpages. Since it is the ONLY style sheet language that browsers can understand, it's important to learn CSS in depth to master web development.

It’s very easy to get started with CSS. With just a few hours of training, you can easily style texts, elements and layouts. However, it becomes progressively difficult and soon you’ll come to a situation where your code starts getting quite messy. …

I have been using Vue and React for quite some time now.

Being JavaScript developers we get the opportinity to work on multiple frameworks and various state management systems. Since I am a freelance web developer I use both React and Vue based on the project requirements. In this story, I’ll compare the working of two very popular state management systems, Vuex and Redux. Though both are inspired by Flux Architecture, they follow a different way to achieve the result.

It's a natural tendency to compare the features of one framework to a previously learned framework or library while learning the new one. …

I was creating a career page on a website for a client, My requirement was simple. I just needed to style the file input button of HTML in a way that it matches with my other Bootstrap buttons. I learnt that there is no traditional way to override the default button styles for the file input.

I went through a number of solutions on the internet, The solutions with pure CSS totally removed the file name text beside the button and the ones which display used a lot of javascript to do it.

I Personally prefer to use minimal Javascript…

Preetish HS

Freelance Web Developer, digital nomad and a design enthusiast. www.preetish.in

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