Summer 2017: A Moment

Photo credit: JAMES CHOROROS

Days are ripe and nights are messy. The air is thicker than honey. Sweet. Sticky. Creativity is buzzing and connectivity is flowing. Like the tendrils of wisteria, we are no longer individual but individually unified. Not children of the future but the children of now. Time is not present, it’s our present.

Stand still and let our memories circle us; pull us toward nostalgia. We long for the spirit lost. Left it between the thick layers of adulthood. We call upon it to fall upon it. Uninhibited and expressive beyond measure. Bare skin and mild manner. That’s us. Naked in thought, argument and conversation. Truth-seekers, shadow-hunters, soul builders. That’s us.

Our journey will mark our presence. Gentle footstep and rapid breath, as we seek our own way to Utopia.

This is summer of 2017. Raise your voices, then your glasses. Here’s to us!