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Think Customer, not Competitor, First

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As an industry, we have become enamored with the word ‘Disrupt’ (proof: a very celebrated conference may have just ended with that as its title). Colloquially, ‘Disrupt’ represents the creative destruction of an old way of doing things, which is likely why it’s the popular battle cry of entrepreneurs. However, there’s a key issue – ‘disrupt’ is competitor focused.

Instead, we need to get back to basics and start with the customer, not the competitor. As entrepreneurs, we need to first focus on enabling more value for the people who will use our service.

Google wasn’t first focused on being better than Altavista, it was focused on providing a better seach experience and getting people their desired information as best possible.

Starbucks wasn’t focused on being better than Dunkin’ Donuts, it wanted to provide urban dwellers the affordable luxury of great-tasting, personal coffee.

Amazon didn’t start with the goal of destroying Borders, but instead focused on enabling customers to buy any book that they wanted.

As our company works on BlueLight, we’re not ‘disrupting’ 911 or MedAlert. We arefocused on providing the fastest, most effective emergency response for our customers that will result in lives saved and trauma mitigated. We want to enable peace of mind and give our customers the assurance that we have their back.

I’m not staying that you should ignore your competitors or shouldn’t think about how to outwit them – that would be stupid and likely reckless. I am reminding you, and myself, that a business is ultimately judged by the number of ecstatic customers it has – not by the number of dead competitors.

Enable more for your customers, even when that may mean disrupting yourself.

Preet is the founder of BlueLight - a service that will be the fastest way to get help in an emergency from your phone.

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