Hat tip to Alex Blumberg, Startup Podcast continues to be amazing

This week’s episode of Startup, about diversity, makes it so clear why the show is such a pleasure to listen to. They bring the listener into the awkwardness that is company formation.

Here are two quotes from a very rich dialogue about diversity within Gimlet:

“There’s always a fear when talking to white people about race. Especially people who help you pay your bills [her boss, Alex Blumberg in this moment]” — Britney talking to Alex about diversity and being black in a mostly white company.

“I feel like the uncomfortable part about it is, by bringing that up, maybe you guys are racist in some way.” –Alex trying to talk about why the discussions around racial differences can be so awkward.

Whether it is doing the first pitches to venture capitalists, splitting equity with a co-founder, discussing your spouse joining the team, or even talking about becoming “less white”, they give you a front-row seat into the experience. They don’t just cover the climactic moments but also all of the discussions, details, and feelings around those moments. It’s amazing.

Bravo Startup. You’re doing justice to the journey.

I’m Preet Anand, the CEO of BlueLight.