Darrell Jones III

This was an amazing post and I think it’s keenly on point. It’s sad to say that I am part of the problem, and now being in Oakland and loving it, want to be part of the solution.

We moved BlueLight to Oakland this September and I’m unquestionably loving it. The city feels like it has much more flavor and grit in the air. Currently it also feels like a city that is much more reflective of the rest of the world than San Francisco. I think that can truly be a strength of the city as we try to build an inclusive ecosystem.

As more and more people use smartphones, tech will be applied to more and more things. Oakland’s more inclusive, more empathetic ecosystem will be able to anticipate and solve needs that aren’t even on the radar of other hubs.

To do this though, you’re right that we need to invest in education and training. If nothing else, take this as a commitment from me, as the CEO of BlueLight, that I’m available to speak and mentor for any of these organizations that want to create a more inclusive ecosystem.

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