Lakeside Properties for Sale are a Perfect Choice for your Holiday Home

How about investing in one of the waterside lodges located in the Cotswolds water park resort? Yes, it is a great decision and a fantastic personal and business proposition. You holiday home will serve dual purpose when it is under your ownership and it is likely to fetch multiple returns when you sell it to someone else. Here are some of the reasons you must invest in one of the lakeside cottages the Watermark management has put up for sale.

  • The lakeside home you invest in is a great getaway during holidays. You can go with your spouse or family members, friends or a like minded group to enjoy the best that is being offered in terms of enjoyment in the Cotswolds.
  • The Cotswolds waterside lodges provide a relaxing and entirely safe location for your break. The water’s edge is perfect for relaxing and enjoying real tranquility.
  • The Cotswold water park with its rich green surroundings and endless quarry lakes filled with spring waters presents itself as a natural and green holiday choice for holiday seekers.
  • The lakeside property for sale in the Cotswolds benefit from tight 24/7 security and constant vigil is kept on the property which is gated. 
    The luxury lodge resort provides entertainment for people of all ages including water sports activities, fishing, golf, field sports and cycle paths.
  • For Londoners and those living in the south of the UK it is convenient to invest in the Cotswolds because it is well located deep in the countryside but not miles from transport links. It is connected by the M4 and M5 motorways.
  • Self-catering accommodation means you can keep yourself to yourself and come and go as you please. You can get stuck into cooking in your own private state-of-the-art kitchen or you can eat out every night — whatever suits your lifestyle.

To organise a viewing of one of the wonderful properties you can call Watermark on 01285 869031. You can discuss your interest in buying a property and arrange to stay for a short time to make your decision.