One tap to share with your hubbies

by PregBuddy Product

PregBuddy is constantly trying to improve itself to keep all pregnant women informed and have a healthy pregnancy journey. The article reading experience has become more delightful than before. From making the app size smaller to offline reading, we’ve ensured that you never miss any information about your baby’s growth, anytime.

To improve our experience further, we now allow PregBuddy users to share any articles with their spouse, family and friends. This will help would-be-dads to understand the changes their spouse is going through and support them in all possible means.

How it works on Would-be-Mom’s Side

  1. Open any article in PregBuddy application and tap on the share icon.
  2. It’ll show the default share options where the user can select via which apps she can share the article. Let’s say you tapped on WhatsApp.
  3. Once WhatsApp opens up, tap on your husband’s name and send the article.

How it works on Would-be-Dad’s Side

  1. Your husband will receive a message on WhatsApp — an image of the article with the article link.
  2. Once he taps on the article link, he goes to Play Store and installs PregBuddy application.
  3. After installing the app, when your husband launches PregBuddy application for the first time your shared article will be right there. No need to signup for him!
  4. Once your loving hubby has the app installed, on clicking any article link PregBuddy app will launch and show the article instantly. Awesome, isn’t it?

What’s are you waiting for? Just give it a spin and let us know how you think about it.

Hope this feature keeps your family informed and healthy during your pregnancy journey. Stay tuned for more! For any feedback related to PregBuddy, please write to us on


PregBuddy Team