We’re among top 5 apps in parenting category on Google Play.

By PregBuddy Marketing

PregBuddy is delighted to get ranked among the top 5 applications in Parenting category on Google Play, within weeks of its launch on Play Store. Parenting app category includes apps which are related to pregnancy, infant care & monitoring and childcare. Other applications that were featured along with us were Parentune: Parenting Community, Baby Sleep Instant, BabyCenter, Family Locator & GPS. Among these top five apps, only BabyCenter and PregBuddy are in pregnancy space. BabyCenter is based out of California, which made us the only Indian app to get ranked among the Top 5 earlier this week.

Needless to add, we are excited! If you still haven’t checked us out, it’s time to give the PregBuddy for Android a spin and share your feedback at feedback@pregbuddy.com.

Download PregBuddy from Google Play.

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