Causes of excess weight gain during pregnancy

More precisely control weight you can help set the table weight during pregnancy.Just weight gain — it is normal for pregnancy. But excessive weight gain higher standards — is a growing threat.

Causes of obesity — Causes excess weight gain during pregnancy for each expectant mother are individual. But you can make a list of the most common ones.Lisa Olsan News Blogs Pregnancy Miracle Review

• Accumulation of excess fluid in the body is worth watching for swelling of hands and feet. Menu may be oversaturated salt or kidneys cannot cope with the increased load.

• Compensation toxicosis — After a period of toxemia body may try to compensate for the lost beyond measure, “in reserve”.

• Unstoppable increased appetite expectant mother for various reasons.

• Tendency to edema and irrational drinking regime.

• Tendency to be overweight women.

• Women age — The older the woman; there will be a tendency to gain weight to weight gain.
Irrational food (fatty foods, foods with chemical additives, canned foods, etc.), excess food,the reasons may be different: follow stereotypes need to eat for two, “seizing up” stress or simply the desire to pamper yourself.

Whatever the causes of excess weight during pregnancy and the weight itself, fasting to lose weight during pregnancy or apply excessive calorie intake is strictly prohibited. Expectant mothers often attempt to take the excessive calorie intake already before birth. It threatens not only the failure strength for childbirth, but also preterm birth.