Plunging testosterone has never been more adorable (photo credit:

Hello, baby. Bye bye, testosterone.

Hoping to pass along some sanity in this scary world of ours

(photo credit: Public Domain Archives)

What science says about natural induction techniques.

Labor? or heartburn? (the house chili sauce at Champa Garden in Oakland — a labor inducing tradition)

Beware of the vein crushing uterus

Clearly, the stock photo models did not get the memo. But, DAMN, she looks comfortable!

or Why storks are shitty at keeping calendars.

worse than Apple’s spinning wheel… (photo credit: ACALU Studio for Stocksy)

The uncomfortable truth of how little science knows about “normal” labor progression

This machine was invented in 1971… and still “state of the art” (photo credit: Cameron Zegers for Stocksy)

3pm — My first contraction.

Or Why Baby Smiles Are Like Crack

I took this photo when I was 20 and didn’t understand it until after I had my own babies

the pregnant scientist

Generally fascinated by all things related to growing tiny humans while chasing two tiny humans at home.

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