Agri Apps of Africa

Smartphones have revolutionized the farming experience for potential and existing farmers of Africa. Voice, simple data, SMS play very vital role and have shown good application just within 2 years of introduction in-spite of having infrastructure and financial limitations.

The African government is trying to create framework to lower the mobile costs to make it more viable for private businesses to ease the access of technology to African farmers.

Following are the various ways in which apps are helping farmer to serve their needs of information. Government, Private companies, NGOs and IT entrepreneurs are kick starting to help in form of mobile phone based products aiming to boost small scale farming.


ICow has been awarded as the best app in Apps of Africa competition. This app serves variety of issues related to agriculture and the live stock such. The services include providing tools to a farmer to understand type of oil, problems in his crops and selecting seed pertaining to his geographical zone. App for livestock solves the issues related to feeding reminders and cycles of vaccinations, worming requirements, as well as notification of when the calf is due to come. App for poultry solves issues such as vaccinations and brooder temperature variations required as they grow.


Agro-Hub is an idea developed at Activspaces, a venture to address issues of rural farmers of Cameroon, issues mainly related to supply chain and active pricing of their products. It also assists farmers in knowing the demand of their products and improving soil quality.


SangoNeT is a 1987 setup NGO network dedicated to support effective use of ICTs in African Civil Society Organisations. In the agricultural sector, it provides the farmers services which deal with information on livestock and details about lactation and breeding for farmers of dairy industry.


CocoaLink is a joint initiative by World Cocoa foundation, Herscheys and Ghana Cocoa board with a mission to deliver technology services to all Cocoa farmers about timely farming, social and market information and share information with industry experts.