How Fujitsu inspires usage of ICT in farming in Japan

Aeon Agri Create was established in 2009 by a group of people with very little experience in farming but wanting to change Japan’s agriculture through technology.

As the company launched, it faced a series of challenges owing to little experience in the field. ICT expertise by Fujitsu, a technology company in Japan, helped to compensate for the lack of experience by steepening the leaning curve. It started supporting good agricultural practices especially in the use of pesticides and fertilizer spraying.

Aeon’s farm management creates innovations and partners with companies in different industries. As the cloud data accumulation grows, business development and collaboration with e-commerce service companies will also foster.

Aeon aspires to create an agricultural value chain linking producers and consumers on a single platform to link farmers directly with the market.

It gathers data from 15 farms across the country to achieve crop production and flexible distribution. Waste reduction, storage issues and supply chain crunching are additional areas Aeon expects to address through technological advances.

Cloud data is shared with all 15 farms across the country

The partnerships across industries and improving efficiency of farm management will encourage people to pursue farming as a career.

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