My last meet......

I met her for the last time. It was
the worst day because i met her for
the last time. She was so happy. So
basically i was on my way to
Mumbai. I reached the next day at
8 am. And rang the doorbell. She came and opened the door with a
big smile on her face. I pressed her
poised toe and took her blessings,
who knows it would be my last
blessing. She touched my cheeks,
my hair, kissed me on my
forehead. It was basically my
cousin’s sangeet night. I never saw
her happy like that. There was a
charm on her face.
She was dancing. She was
looking soo pretty i cannot even
take my eyes off her. So the next
day i have to go back home . I
kissed her and said her byee. She
said me that we will meet soon.
I came back home, recalling my
memories with her. Looking at the
Pictures. After i had my dinner, i
got a call from my uncle. He was
crying. He said “ She is no more"
I became completely blank. That
situation for me was like someone
snached away the tv remote from
my hand and switched to very
horror channel, something terrible.
I locked myself in a room for an
hour. Mumma was crying like
anything. The atmosphere was
worst. We ran to meet her. That
night was very difficult for me.
I reached to her. Her place
Malegaon, Maharashtra. She was
in the hospital. The worst day it
was. After sometime an
ambulance came. The brought
my nani with them. She was
sleeping very peacefully. They
laid herdown. I told her to wake up,
but she didn’t. I was still shouting
,”Nani, please wake up i know u r
acting please wake up “ but she didn’t.”
All were crying and sobbing. We
dressed her up for funeral. I kissed
her on her forehead, rubbed her
palm, touched her poised feet for
the last time and mumered in my
mind,”I’ll miss u", and kept staring
her. Nanu pat her on her chick. He
seems to be broken. They came
and took her away from me. I kept
starring them but was not able to
do anything. They went off. I went
to her room took her saree in my
hand and started recalling my
memories with her. I remembered
how she was happy when i use to
come to meet her. I was missing
that smile. I remember that tears
from her eyes when i use to say
her good bye. She was eagerly
waiting for me the entire year that
i will come soon in my summer
vacations. I remember how we use
to talk and share everything. But it
was now completely vanished. It
just became a dream. I remember
that i use to say how fair are you.
I just want to say I’ll miss you. I
want you to spend some time with
me more. M now just living with
your memories. Loosing you was
like someone took away one of my
body part. I still remember your
smile. I still remember when u use
to tease me and all such things
which relate you. U told me to
study well and score good marks.
Well i kept up with my promise
and scored good marks this time
too. Nani i promise u I’ll never
dissapoint u.
Would always love you…….
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