Welcome to Pentoz, where we are extremely passionate about promoting a healthy lifestyle. If you have been searching for an App to help you stay accountable on your weight loss and fitness journey, Pentoz is proud to present Augmented Reality, an App that encourages you to lose weight by showing you the very direct link between exercises and health conditions.

The Augmented Reality is the future of health and healthy living brought to exercises today, and is an inexpensive way to use technology to get yourself in shape.

In its years of existence, Pentoz, a leading small and mid-sized business technology consulting and digital service provider, has worked assiduously to conceptualize and design digital technology that impacts lives only in the most positive of ways. With clients typically ranging from small to mid-sized businesses, Pentoz has gone outside the box and its usual routine and clientele by designing the Augmented Reality not for the business client, but the individual.

Holding client satisfaction to the highest standard achievable, Pentoz has designed the Augmented Realityfor the health, nutrition and fitness conscious person who desires an easy, uncomplicated way to keep track of his/her fitness journey and stay accountable.

The App will ensure that you stick to a planned, structured, and systematic physical activity designed to improve or maintain your physical fitness and health. Whether you plan on being intensely active or whether your plan entails on only a 5 minute work out every morning; whether you like to surf, to hike, or to bike, or simply jump ropes; whatever your goal, Augmented Reality has got you covered.

Whatever works best for you, we’ve got your back.

No more fits and starts, and no more discouragement. The Augmented Reality brings simplicity, functionality and ease into your life.

Welcome to accountability. Welcome to progress. Welcome to Augmented Reality.