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20.6 billion Connected devices by 2020 — Gartner, $14.4 trillion in value over the next ten years — Cisco, IoT is on the roll and will dominate the way we live in the years to come. CONNECTVITY — DATA — INTELLIGENCE will be the cornerstones of the IoT driving everything from Cities, Homes, Cars, Wearables, Agriculture, Retail, Industry, Healthcare and everything else…

CONNECT & SMARTIFY will be the buzz words bridging the divide between the real and digital worlds. Which area will lead the IoT charge; take your pick from the following applications….

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COMMAND, PROGRAM & CHILL and IoT will do the rest, right from toasting your bread to stocking your refrigerator, opening the door to switching on the lights, music on demand and robots at your beck.

IoT companies are redefining living spaces and if this is any indication of the shape of things to come, life rest assured will be a lot more exciting.

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Redefining City spaces and aligning technology to create order the Smart city promises redemption from traffic congestion problems, noise and pollution and the very elements that make city life utterly revolting.

The IoT scope for smart cities also includes enhanced safety, healthier communities, cleaner and vibrant neighbourhoods and protection of natural resources like water, forests and wildlife.

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Smart farming is one of the fastest growing field in IoT, demand for food supply with the sustained growth in population and the increase in life spans are driving farmers to use technology and research to increase food production.

IoT is leading measures to generate and utilize significant insights from the data like testing the soil for moisture and nutrients, water management for plant growth, terrain management, pest control to name a few.
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In the IoT arena, Mobiles and Wearables will be the bridge for retailers to remain connected with their consumers within and out of their store. Enhanced in-store experience, ease of shopping and delivery, product information on the go, improved store layout and store navigation to customer feedback and instant analytics are just a few of the features that will redefine retail.
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HEALTH CARE, TECHNOLOGY, POWER GENERATION AND DISTRIBUTION, LOGISTICS, TRAVEL and everything else will be impacted by the IoT juggernaut and it will be said in true folklore style,” They lived happily ever after…” [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][/vc_column][/vc_row] http://www.pentoz.com/blogs/iot-applications/

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