Foundation for Sites 6 has been designed to get your project from prototype to production more efficiently than ever before! It includes a wide range of modular and flexible components that are easily styled. These versatile and lightweight building blocks make it easy to bring your ideas to life. …

The popular open source CMS just released their latest update Drupal 8. Their latest release hope to create better user experiences for anyone using the CMS for their business or personal website. Drupal 8 features a whole new suite of tools and capabilities, including native support for integrations, API-first publishing and better performance and scalability. In addition Drupal now includes enhanced testing with KernelTestBase, for quick API testing of how well various components are integrated.

Visit the site to download the latest version or click here to demo the platform.


Keeping WordPress secure is important in order to ensure that your site isn’t compromised. Uptime is maximized, your data is safe, and your site runs as quickly and reliably as possible.

Today we’ll look at 10 ways to help improve and maintain your WordPress site’s security, starting with the simplest…

Most of the users are looking for low end machines and the next thing they need, is a way to manage their VMs. Personally we feel you can’t beat CLI, but new users often need a simple way to manage ordinary tasks.

Presenting the 5 most widely used and solid…

Windows Update Can’t Be Disabled (or Delayed) on Windows 10 Home. But we can delay in Pro and enterprise editions.

Unfortunately, for Windows 10 Home users, if you wish to have control over your Store app updates your only recourse is to upgrade to the Professional edition which will impact your wallet. However, this behavior may also have a significant impact over how easily malware spreads through Windows systems connected to the Internet. Only time will tell how well Microsoft’s choice works out.

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