Always Go for Pure and Best Henna Powder

You cannot resist yourself from using henna powder for hair coloring as it is one of the safest hair colors nature has given to us. 100 % free from ammonia and other harmful chemicals which might be there in relatively unsafe hair colors, henna is being used since time immemorial for various purposes world over. For instance it is used during festivals and other joyous moments. Whatever may be the occasion, but your henna must be purest and best for desired outcome.

Henna is one of the oldest hair colors in use. This is in use either for coloring hair or other body parts. It has a long legacy and tradition in most of the parts of the world. It has stood the test of time. Easily available hair color, this is one of the mostly used and recommended hair colors or hair dyes for that matter in the world. Henna itself is a good product if you want to color your hair. You can color your hair either to cover your grey hair or you can just sport your locks in a different tint. It may be applied at home as there is no rocket science in it as people have been using it for centuries for various purposes without any expert supervision. Best henna powder is one which is known for giving good results in terms of either grey coverage or tattooing.

Now it is important to buy yourself best henna powder. It is necessary because market is flooded with various brands and types of henna leaves. You can find henna supplies at nearby shops or in a mall. It may be henna of Indian origin or some imported henna of such market as Middle East or others.

Though obtained from natural source, henna plant, but still this leaves powder can be stored for a long time as far as its quality is concerned. Leaves may lose its properties, that is dye strength over a period of time. It means after its shelf life is over it should not be employed as hair color or design stuff. Poorly stored and arranged henna products are responsible for spoiling the inherent coloring property of henna. Therefore it is highly recommended to preserve this natural dye in a proper condition. Few markets are not highly trusted for henna. These markets are infamous for adding some green dye of green materials in pure henna to add extra green feel to henna as people have some extra liking for greener henna.

You need to be choosy while going for buying this natural dye. Don’t do hurry as this synthetic green color may damage your hair. The way apples are coated with wax in USA to lend them eye appeal, it is adulterated with green material. Because not all powders are made and processed in a similar manner. This leads to change in its color, texture, appearance created equal. It is a plant product, and thus degrades over time. Choosing a good powder is essential for a good henna design. Not all powders are processed in a uniform manner. It may vary organization to organization. Henna is a plant product and therefore it is bound to degrade over time. A little study of market will give you a knowledge to get best henna powder.