Why Refinishing your Elevator Cab is a New Opportunity

As one of the most visible parts of a public building, elevator cab interiors are frequently subject to wear and tear. Stained, cracked or dented panels tell tales of abuse and neglect and create undesirable impressions on potential clients and persons bringing business opportunities. Elevators are commonly used to transport loads as well, and natural stresses such as temperature and pressure affect the elevator panels in variable proportions. Hence, elevator interior remodeling is a necessary part of elevator maintenance. While elevator cab renovations may seem like an extravagant exercise they also serve as an opportunity to re-construct the face of your business.

Elevator Cladding Can Fix your Dents and Scratches Cost Effectively

Although you have the option of replacing your elevator shell you can neatly avoid the overhead by investing in elevator cladding. You can re-wrap your old metal panels with new modern ones that are stronger, more resistant to heat, temperature and pressure. Gorilla glass or superior quality laminates can often replicate old steels and aluminums, and complement wood or granite facades with more practical and safer walls and ceilings.

Cladding over the old elevator shell is not only smarter it is also advisable. Gorilla glass, in particular, can give your elevator cabin that feeling of space so craved by those afraid of being cramped in enclosed spaces.

Oxidation of Metal Panels, Refinishing Adds Value to your Building

Refinishing your elevator cabs with fire retardant material is a very practical alternative that fits comfortably into budget elevator cab designs. Elevator cladding services today offer better, more modern materials at affordable costs. Cladding works best for deep scratches and bumps that make your cabin look poor. However, minor scratches and dents are more efficiently serviced by oxidation of the metal wall panels. Refinishing the elevator cab panels virtually makes damages invisible.

Older reflective surfaces using steel and bronze are out of sync with modern inspired architecture. Satin and non-directional finishes give a cleaner more futuristic look. It is possible to get great designs pre-prepared from your elevator cab designer. These would fit neatly into your maintenance budget. You may also want to custom create your elevator interiors or you may have your own ideas that match with your brand. Designers today are able to co-create blueprints, put them up on 3-D display for you to place your inputs and get the product you want. You can keep repeating the process of co-creation until your realize your vision.

Remodel Elevator Cabs and Change the Look of your Workplace

People and attitudes are changing rapidly. Customer preferences must be adapted to quickly in order for businesses to remain visible and relevant. Your building and the mode of access to workplaces, offices, and floors represent your brand. Dull plain surfaces of old can be replaced by more elegant looking wood or granite veneers. You can have walls made of glass to avoid constriction of space. You can also add sources of low cost LED lighting that does the job while saving energy. Re-create lights to build the atmosphere that your workplace deserves. Add color to one single face or panel to build design contrast. There are lots of things to experiment with in elevator shells and cabins. It’s up to you to bring in change. Get exploring elevator refinishing designs right away!

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