@premisedata and the view through a contributor’s lens

By Nikila Sri-Kumar (@niksk), Product Manager

A single photo of a product in a market may not be especially compelling on its own, which is why we aggregate these photos week after week to tell larger stories of emerging resource security issues, prevailing economic winds, or changes in consumer sentiment.

Documenting line lengths inside and outside of supermarkets in Venezuela as reports of food shortages and hoarding emerged, January 2015

Sometimes, though, an individual image can have a special kind of power on its own. You may not be able to do trend analysis on a single photo or provide valuable signal to a customer, but what you can do is stand in the shoes of a contributor for a singular moment in time to see the world through her lens.

We keep an Instagram feed that serves as a repository of some of our favorite images. What started as a small passion project, in which we’d post images we’d share internally, slowly evolved. Over the weekend, we reached our one-thousandth follower, a proud milestone for what had originally begun as an experiment.

Each of these images gives us a tangible window into our contributors’ lives. They help us to understand what they see in their day-to-day as they head into the world to collect data, observing information that’s hiding in plain sight. Perhaps more importantly, though, these images serve as a constant reminder of the responsibility we have to the thousands of people globally in our network who help us to better understand the world and how their communities are evolving.

Here are some of our favorite images from the past few months:

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