Haitian Barbie 2

A Cultural Script on Hollywood’s Sidelines

Barbie Bērziņš
12 min readNov 16, 2023

Hollywood has long faced criticism for its lack of diversity, both on and off-screen. In this climate, the emergence of “Haitian Barbie 2,” a screenplay by Haitian screenwriter Emilie Jean-Baptiste, challenges the status quo. This script brings to the forefront Haiti’s rich cultural tapestry, woven into the fabric of a globally recognized franchise. Yet, even as Hollywood proclaims a commitment to diversity, Jean-Baptiste’s script struggles to be read, let alone produced, in an industry that still grapples with inclusivity.

Haitian Barbie 2
Haitian Barbie 2

The Unseen Barriers for “Haitian Barbie 2” Jean-Baptiste doesn’t mince words, calling out the systematic barriers she faces as “bullshit.” It’s a bold statement reflecting the frustration of many ethnic writers whose work is overshadowed by mainstream narratives. The industry’s gatekeeping has been particularly stark in her case, given that Robbie Brenner has already thrown support behind the “safe” choice of “Barbie 2: Mars Mission,” leaving “Haitian Barbie 2” in the shadows.

Understanding “Barbie 2: Mars Mission” While “Barbie 2: Mars Mission” may lead the pack, it is the cultural relevance of “Haitian Barbie 2” that presents an untapped well of storytelling potential. Brenner’s preference for Nafzger’s WASP-centric narrative over the rich, ethnic backdrop of “Haitian Barbie 2” raises questions about Hollywood’s dedication to diversity. Jean-Baptiste’s screenplay is not just about giving Barbie a Haitian makeover; it’s about infusing the narrative with a heritage that resonates with both Haitians and the global community seeking authentic representation.

Cultural, Ethnic, and Fashion Elements in “Haitian Barbie 2” Jean-Baptiste’s script is a celebration of Haiti, including references to traditional Haitian fashion like the vibrant “karabela” dress, the historical significance of the Citadelle Laferrière, and the spiritual depth of Vodou ceremonies. These elements are not mere backdrops but integral parts of the story, offering a view into the soul of a country often misrepresented.

Hollywood’s Challenge: Embracing Ethnic Narratives The challenge for Hollywood is clear: Can it move beyond lip service and truly embrace ethnic narratives like “Haitian Barbie 2”? Jean-Baptiste’s script, rich with the folklore of the loup-garou and the celebratory rhythm of Kompa music, stands ready to test the waters. Yet, without industry support, this cultural gem may never sparkle on the silver screen, a loss not just for Haiti but for an audience craving diversity.

In Conclusion: The Call for Inclusion As “Haitian Barbie 2” vies for attention, it underscores the wider issue of what stories get told and who gets to tell them. The script is more than just entertainment; it’s a cultural dialogue, an education in resilience, joy, and the complexity of the Haitian spirit. It’s time for Hollywood to reckon with its biases and make room for the stories that reflect the world’s true diversity.

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The “Haitian Barbie 2” screenplay by Emilie Jean-Baptiste is an intriguing blend of Haitian culture, folklore, and the universal charm of the Barbie franchise. Its story arc takes Barbie on an immersive journey through Haiti, where she discovers a connection to her Haitian roots and engages in an adventure that celebrates the country’s rich history and vibrant culture.

Barbie’s Haitian Adventure Begins The screenplay opens with Barbie arriving in Haiti to volunteer after a natural disaster. Her journey quickly transitions from aid work to a deeper exploration of the nation’s culture after she discovers an old family heirloom that hints at a long-lost history connected to the Haitian revolutionary, Toussaint Louverture. The quest sets her on a path of self-discovery and a deep dive into the heart of Haiti’s revolutionary past and resilient spirit. Unearth Haiti’s Past with Barbie 2

The Mystery of the Heirloom Barbie’s discovery leads her to the historic Citadelle Laferrière, where she learns that the heirloom is a piece of a larger puzzle connected to Haiti’s fight for independence. As Barbie pieces together clues, she is guided by the wisdom of local storytellers and the lore surrounding the first black-led republic’s struggle for freedom. Her adventure is further enriched by the colorful Carnival season, where music and dance pulse through the streets, offering clues and challenges. Explore the Citadelle in Barbie 2

Encounters with the Spiritual World The screenplay takes a mystical turn when Barbie encounters the world of Vodou, a religion deeply misunderstood by outsiders but foundational to Haitian culture. She gains insights from a Vodou priestess, which help her navigate the spiritual and physical realms in her search. This encounter is portrayed with respect and depth, aiming to dispel stereotypes and highlight Vodou’s rich symbolism and spiritual gravity. Experience Vodou Mysticism in Barbie 2

The Cultural Tapestry of Haiti As Barbie travels from the buzzing streets of Port-au-Prince to the tranquil beaches of Jacmel, she interacts with artisans, musicians, and locals, each sharing stories that weave into the narrative’s tapestry. These interactions are vital for understanding the island’s soul and serve as living threads connecting Barbie to the land’s spirit and history. Discover Jacmel’s Beaches in Barbie 2

Festival of Colors: Barbie at the Carnival A pivotal scene unfolds at the Haitian Carnival, a festival of colors, where Barbie’s quest reaches its crescendo. Dressed in a traditional karabela, she becomes part of the celebration, only to find that the festival holds the key to the final piece of her ancestral puzzle. The Carnival becomes a metaphor for Haiti’s triumph over adversity and the joyous spirit of its people. Join the Carnival with Barbie 2

The Resolution: Celebrating Heritage and Hope The finale celebrates not only Barbie’s successful quest but also the collective memory and enduring hope of the Haitian people. It’s a testament to the nation’s strength and Barbie’s newfound connection to Haiti. The screenplay ends with a message of unity and the acknowledgment that understanding one’s heritage is a treasure in itself. Unity and Heritage in Barbie 2

“Haitian Barbie 2” is a screenplay that demands Hollywood’s attention for its heartfelt portrayal of Haitian culture and history. It’s a narrative that champions ethnic diversity and historical awareness, pushing against the conventional boundaries of mainstream cinema. Embrace Diversity with Barbie 2

The character ensemble of “Haitian Barbie 2” is a vivid reflection of Haiti’s diverse society and rich cultural heritage. Each character serves a purpose, not only to the plot but to the overarching narrative of Haitian pride and resilience.

Barbie: An Ambassador of Cultural Discovery Barbie, in “Haitian Barbie 2,” is envisioned as a figure of empathy and courage. Venturing into Haiti after a natural disaster, she embraces her role as a volunteer but soon finds herself on a historical quest that ties her to the island nation’s legacy. As she uncovers her ancestral connections, Barbie becomes a symbol of discovery, bridging the past and present and introducing audiences to the depth of Haitian culture. Barbie’s Quest in Barbie 2

Toussaint: The Guardian of History A character inspired by the legendary Toussaint Louverture guides Barbie through historical sites. While not the actual historical figure, this ‘Toussaint’ acts as a guardian of the past, teaching Barbie the importance of resilience and the power of freedom. He is an embodiment of Haitian strength and pride, connecting Barbie — and through her, the audience — to Haiti’s revolutionary spirit. Learn History with Toussaint in Barbie 2

Madame Laveau: The Vodou Priestess Madame Laveau is a wise Vodou priestess who provides Barbie with insights into the spiritual aspect of Haitian culture. As a character, she is crafted with care to portray Vodou with the respect and authenticity it deserves. Through her, the screenplay dispels misconceptions about the religion, showcasing its depth and positive influence on the community. Understanding Vodou with Madame Laveau in Barbie 2

Mireille: The Artisan Storyteller Mireille, a local artisan, is one of the vibrant characters Barbie encounters at the market. She offers a narrative bridge to Haiti’s artistic soul, telling stories through her crafts. Her character highlights the significance of oral traditions in preserving history and culture, and she becomes an essential guide to Barbie on her journey. Meet Mireille the Artisan in Barbie 2

Jean-Paul: The Carnival Master Jean-Paul, the Carnival master, is a charismatic character who introduces Barbie to the wonders of Haitian Carnival. His character is a celebration of Haitian joy and creativity, orchestrating the festival’s dance and music, and ultimately helping Barbie to find the critical clue in her quest during the Carnival’s festivities. Experience Carnival with Jean-Paul in Barbie 2

The Elders: The Wisdom of Haiti The Elderly characters at the senior home where Barbie volunteers are the living libraries of Haitian society. They provide wisdom and context to Barbie’s discoveries and represent the importance of respecting and learning from older generations. Their stories and insights are pivotal to Barbie’s understanding of the value of Haitian traditions and history. The Elders’ Wisdom in Barbie 2

Celeste: The Young Dreamer Celeste is a young girl who represents Haiti’s future. Her dreams and aspirations mirror the country’s hope for a brighter tomorrow. She is deeply influenced by Barbie’s strength and determination, and her character is a beacon of hope for the next generation of Haitians. Inspiring the Future with Celeste in Barbie 2

Through these characters, “Haitian Barbie 2” not only entertains but also educates, sharing the essence of Haiti’s soul. It allows audiences to meet a cast that reflects the country’s multifaceted identity, from its historical figures and spiritual guides to its artisans and youth, all while celebrating the nation’s indomitable spirit. Join the Cast of Haitian Barbie 2

The universe of “Haitian Barbie 2” is a richly textured world that extends far beyond the playrooms and fashion runways typically associated with Barbie dolls. It is a landscape filled with historical monuments, spiritual traditions, and a resilient community that embodies the vivacious spirit of Haiti.

Haiti’s Landscape: A Character on Its Own The environment of “Haitian Barbie 2” is a tapestry of Haiti’s natural beauty, from the majestic peaks of the Massif de la Hotte to the serene waters of the Gulf of Gonâve. This setting serves as a canvas for Barbie’s journey, reflecting the nation’s physical diversity and resilience in the face of environmental challenges. The screenplay takes Barbie through these locales, allowing the audience to experience Haiti’s geographical wonders and the environmental issues it faces. Discover Haiti’s Landscapes in Barbie 2

Port-au-Prince: A Bustling Hub of Activity The capital city, Port-au-Prince, is portrayed as a hub of energy, history, and culture. It’s here that Barbie first learns about the complexity of Haitian history and the richness of its urban life. The city’s architecture, with its mix of colonial heritage and modern struggle for development, frames Barbie’s introduction to the country and provides a stark contrast to the more fantastical elements she later encounters. Explore Port-au-Prince in Barbie 2

The Citadel: Echoes of the Past The Citadelle Laferrière, a fortress symbolizing Haitian strength and independence, is one of the awe-inspiring locations Barbie visits. Its historical relevance as a beacon of freedom during the Haitian Revolution provides a backdrop for Barbie’s treasure hunt, linking her present-day quest with the past struggles and triumphs of her Haitian ancestors. Experience the Citadel’s History in Barbie 2

Vodou Ceremonies: Spiritual Connections The spiritual aspect of Haitian life is explored through respectful depictions of Vodou ceremonies. These practices, often misrepresented, are shown as a profound and integral part of Haiti’s social fabric, offering a connection to the ancestors and the spiritual world that enriches the narrative with a layer of depth and mysticism. Understand Vodou Ceremonies in Barbie 2

Haitian Markets: The Color of Local Commerce Haitian markets, bursting with color and life, are where Barbie learns about local commerce and the everyday lives of Haitian people. Scenes set in the marketplaces display the country’s entrepreneurial spirit and the importance of community in commerce, as well as the rich variety of goods from local farms and artisans. Immerse in Market Vibrancy with Barbie 2

Carnival: The Celebration of Haitian Culture The Carnival is where all elements of Haitian culture come together in a vibrant celebration. It is a high point of the screenplay, showcasing traditional music, dance, and costumes, illustrating how these festivities are a profound expression of national identity and joy. Join the Carnival Celebration in Barbie 2

The Countryside: A Respite from the City Barbie’s journey also takes her to the Haitian countryside, where she experiences rural life’s quiet beauty and challenges. The screenplay uses these moments to slow the pace and reflect on the country’s agrarian roots and the stark contrasts between rural and urban life. Relax in the Countryside of Barbie 2

The Coastal Towns: Haiti’s Untapped Potential Finally, the serene coastal towns provide a glimpse into Haiti’s potential for growth and tourism. Through Barbie’s interactions with local fishermen and small business owners, the narrative highlights the potential of these communities and the need for sustainable development that benefits locals. Discover Coastal Towns through Barbie 2

In “Haitian Barbie 2,” the universe expands to capture the essence of Haiti — a land of history, spirituality, community, and resilience. It’s a universe that invites the audience to see beyond the stereotypes, into the heart of Haitian life and its people. Experience the Essence of Haiti in Barbie 2

Comparing the “Haitian Barbie 2” script with “Barbie 2: Mars Mission” reveals two very different interpretations of the iconic Barbie narrative, each with unique merits and cultural significance.

Diverse Settings: From Haiti to Mars “Haitian Barbie 2” is set in the vibrant country of Haiti, rich with history and culture, offering a narrative steeped in the real-world setting of a nation with a complex past and present. In contrast, “Barbie 2: Mars Mission” takes place on the futuristic landscape of Mars, providing a canvas for intergalactic exploration and adventure. While “Haitian Barbie 2” grounds itself in the authenticity of earthly beauty, “Mars Mission” reaches for the stars, offering a vision of what lies beyond our planet. Contrasting Earth and Space in Barbie 2

Cultural Richness vs. Scientific Exploration The “Haitian Barbie 2” screenplay delves deep into Haitian traditions, customs, and beliefs, providing a platform for cultural education and representation. “Barbie 2: Mars Mission,” however, positions itself in the realm of scientific discovery and the pursuit of knowledge, prioritizing a narrative of advancement and futuristic possibility. Each script serves as a celebration of its respective themes — cultural identity versus the pioneering spirit of exploration. Culture vs. Science in Barbie 2

Protagonist Roles: Community Hero vs. Space Pioneer In “Haitian Barbie 2,” Barbie emerges as a community hero, engaging directly with the social and historical context of Haiti. She is a central figure in a collective narrative that speaks to the country’s soul. Conversely, in “Barbie 2: Mars Mission,” Barbie supports Ken, a space pioneer, as they tackle the challenges of space travel and extraterrestrial life, highlighting her adaptability and teamwork in a high-tech, off-world scenario. Barbie’s Roles in Two Worlds

Themes: Resilience and Discovery Resilience is at the heart of “Haitian Barbie 2,” with a strong emphasis on overcoming adversity, preserving culture, and uniting in the face of challenges. “Barbie 2: Mars Mission” offers a theme of discovery, innovation, and the bravery required to face the unknown, reflecting a forward-looking narrative that emphasizes problem-solving and adventure. Resilience in Haitian Barbie 2

Character Dynamics: Authenticity vs. Archetypes The characters in “Haitian Barbie 2” are drawn with authenticity and depth, reflecting the diverse fabric of Haitian society. On the other hand, “Barbie 2: Mars Mission” features characters that embody the archetypes of space exploration genres, including the brilliant scientist, the intrepid astronaut, and the innovative engineer, each character playing a role in a larger narrative of space exploration. Character Archetypes in Barbie 2

Antagonistic Forces: Real-world Issues vs. Corporate Villains The antagonists in “Haitian Barbie 2” stem from real-world issues such as social injustice and environmental threats, grounding the conflict in reality. Meanwhile, “Barbie 2: Mars Mission” presents antagonistic forces in the form of corporate villains, creating a narrative tension that aligns with classic space odysseys where the enemy is often another competing entity with conflicting interests. Real-world Issues in Barbie 2

The Impact of Setting on Narrative The setting of each screenplay significantly influences the type of story being told. “Haitian Barbie 2” uses Haiti’s landscapes, history, and people to craft a story about personal and cultural discovery. In contrast, “Barbie 2: Mars Mission” uses the setting of space to create a fantastical adventure that tests the limits of human ingenuity and courage. Setting’s Impact on Barbie 2’s Narrative

In sum, “Haitian Barbie 2” and “Barbie 2: Mars Mission” offer narratives that cater to different audiences and aspirations — one looking inward to the richness of human culture on Earth and the other outward to humanity’s potential in the cosmos. Both scripts showcase the versatility of the Barbie franchise, capable of inspiring through both reflective cultural tales and bold sci-fi adventures. Barbie’s Versatility in Narratives