Hanna Calcium Checker

The Hanna Marine Calcium Checker is a simple but accurate test for calcium in marine life and reef tanks. Its compact design has a testing compartment on top, a large alphanumeric display on the bottom, and four main parts. Its red color and easy operation make it a favorite among reef tank owners. Although this test is not perfect, it is still a great buy that can give you peace of mind.

Unlike other calcium tests, the Hanna Checker gives you an instant digital readout of your aquarium’s calcium levels. Compared to other kits, this one eliminates the need to rely on color-changing methods and is a simple way to check your tank. It also provides an accurate readout in parts-per-million (ppm), reducing error to 4%. The Hanna Checker is a must-have for any aquarium.

When using the Hanna Checker, you must be sure that the sample is made from deionized water. You can use RO/DI water or fresh saltwater, but you should use lab certified DI water for the test. This is a must for ensuring accurate results. You can find deionized water online or in your local store. Using DI water for your test is vital for accurate results.

The Hanna Calcium Checker is a must-have for any reef aquarium owner. It bridges the gap between chemical test kits and professional instrumentation. It is affordable and easy to use, and a test result is ready within minutes. The only thing you need to prepare is a sample of water. After that, all you need is a reagent and a vial. You can simply press one button to determine the calcium concentration in the sample. The machine is very accurate and has an accuracy of 6%.




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