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Prem Kumar
Feb 15 · 5 min read

Hey everyone, Prem here from and today I would like to talk about a plugin that is buzzing out there. This plugin has been in the market since late 2019 but it is still relevant in 2020. This plugin is called blog link magic.I’m going to give your my personal assessment of the plugin and you can go and check out the details of this plugin later.

If you are someone like me who owns a blog and create content, I am sure that you are always looking to monetize your blog post with links — let it be you own product link or affiliate link.

It can be a hassle to insert links to certain keywords especially when you have multiple blog post. What if you have multiple links — are you going to go through multiple post to insert those as well? You need to look for the find your keywords in text form, edit them and then insert the link. You need to look for the find your keywords in text form, edit them and then insert the link. It is going to be very time consuming. That is where Blog Magic Link comes in.

I do want to say that I am an affiliate of this product but I will give my honest review to help you decide if this is for you or not.

So let’s get straight into the blog link magic review.

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Blog link magic overview

Creator: Matt Garrett

Product Name: Blog Link Magic

Type: Software (Download)

Category: Affiliate Marketing, Software, Advertising

Money Back Guarantee: Yes

OTO: 2 OTO (Ultimate Ads Plugin, WP Toolkit GPL)

What is blog link magic

Blog magic link is link management, link re-direction and link cloaking plugin. It automates the monetization of your blog post by inserting links on keywords which you can choose and set in the control dashboard of the plugin. So if you are looking to cut your work time drastically, this is worth checking out.

What does blog link magic do

This plugin helps in several ways. If you have a WordPress blog and you want to insert some links in your content to take your visitors to an offer.

To do that, you have to first find all the related offers that matches your content. After that you have to go to each post and find the right keywords to link to. Once those keywords have been found, the next step is edit those keywords to insert your link.

The worst part is if one of your offers or link changes, you need to backtrack to your post, find those links and re-edit them all over again.

This is a lot of work! It is time consuming and can be frustrating.

It helps you to link any keyword to any links (whether the link is your own or an affiliate link)

You can use the export and import feature of the plugin to duplicate the same action on your other blogs. It does not matter the size of your or the age of your blog. As long as you have content on your blog, this plugin works!

Blog Link Magic Features

This plugin comes with a few cool features

  1. A done for you file which which has the best performing offer and links which you can use right away. You don’t even have start looking for links to promote. It is all done for you.
  2. If there are any changes in the links or the links get broken, you can update or remove the links from plugin itself. This process is automated helps you save tons of time.
  3. You can use these features not just on your blog but on other sites that you own as well.
  4. You can get rid of those long ugly affiliate links and replace with shorter ones. In other words, you can clock your links.
  5. This plugin works with that all the top affiliate network like Clickbank, JVZoo, CJ, ShareASale, Commission Junction etc
  6. Continuous updates on the plugin

Interested to see the product in action? Here is a live demo of the product.

Go straight to the Blog Link Magic’s sales page.

Why should you try this out?

  1. If you own a WordPress site with any kind of content, this software could be for you.
  2. First of all the blog link magic is affordable. Check out the price here. It does not cost you an arm and a leg.
  3. It saves your time. If you are the type of person who likes automation, it would help you to have this plugin in your arsenal.
  4. It helps to monetize your content faster and effectively. It takes out the search and find work that you have to do.
  5. It works well, bug free and does what it says

Some reviews for your reference


I find this tool extremely useful. It makes inserting links into your blog post so much easier and and effective. The fact that I can control which links goes where is very appealing to me. This is a plugin worth having for quick content monetizing purposes.


You will also get these 2 cool bonuses if you decide to get the Blog Link Magic

Bonus 1: Done For You Niche Link Libraries, covering the top internet marketing Niches -Value = $97

Bonus 2: -Value = How To Track Down High Paying & Recurring Affiliate Offers

Go and check out the Blog Link Magic For Yourself.

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