Sendiio 2.0 Review — Low-Cost High Impact Autoresponder

Prem Kumar
Feb 18 · 8 min read

Hey everyone, Prem here from and today I would like to talk about the Sendiio 2.0 review. Sendiio 2.0 is an autoresponder that brings together the power of email, text, and Facebook under one central dashboard. By combining the power of the 3 platforms, this tool helps to:

1. Import your lists and create your campaign

2. Send (or schedule) your campaign

3. and many more…..

In this Sendiio 2.0 review, I will be taking you through the product information, features, what it can do, demos and many more aspects of the product so that you will have an idea if this product is the right one for you.

The best news about this is that it does not cost you any monthly costs. ZERO monthly cost!

If you have been using autoresponders before, you know well enough that the monthly cost to use these types of services is not cheap. This is the only autoresponder that I know of that has a one time fee.

Once you get access to Sendiio, you will also be getting Agency Access for free. This allows you to do marketing campaigns for your client. There is a group feature in the access and this enables you to keep separate groups for your respective clients.

If you are in a hurry and would like to visit the sales page right away, please click here.

Sendiio 2.0 overview

Creator: Joshua Zamora

Product Name: Sendiio 2.0

Type: Software Cloud

Category: General

Money-Back Guarantee: Yes

OTO: 5 OTOs (These 5 OTOs are explained below)

What does Sendiio 2.0 do?

Email Feature (Tutorial Available)

  • You can import your list from any other autoresponder that you have to the software.
  • Copy and paste your email list into the tool
  • Build an opt-in form to start collecting emails
  • You can connect to your own SMTP account (your hosting server), 3rd party SMTP or Sendiio’s own server to send the email (Note: This is an upgrade)
  • You can export emails into the tool and save as templates
  • Double opt-in ability
  • Automatic save feature to avoid losing work
  • Choose and exclude which list you want to send email to
  • Unlimited number of follow up sequence
  • It allows you to set a time to re-send emails automatically to those who did not open their initial email. This is a cool feature that makes following up easy. It is very easy to set up. You can set up multiple re-sends. (Note: This is an upgrade)
  • The email editor is WYSIWYG which means you can style it any way you what. What you see is what you get.
  • You can select what time zone to send your email.
  • In-depth stats dashboard
  • Check out the demo below

SMS Feature in Sendiio 2.0.

  • Create phone list by copy-paste or manually import a list
  • Send a one-time broadcast or a sequence of messages
  • Allows you to send your text messages the same way you configure your email
  • You can see the replies to your text messages in the dashboard
  • An automatic bot reply can be set based on your chosen keyword. When the keyword is triggered a follow-up reply can be set to send to the people who reply your text broadcast

Facebook Messenger Feature

  • Send messages to the people in your fan pages
  • Ability to send a Welcome message
  • Set up unlimited auto chatbot reply based on a certain type of comment on your FB Fan Page posts.
  • Automate your public post reply. In the dashboard, you can populate all the comments in your public feed and set a keyword that will match the comments. Once there is a match an auto-reply can be sent to ALL the people who mentioned that keyword.
  • Set up automatic broadcast and follow up sequence messages.
  • Engage your audience in 3 different levels
  • When they message your page
  • When they reply to your page
  • Submitting comments on your post
  • Your reply can be attached with a video, audio or image file.

As part of the Sendiio 2.0 review, let’s look at the Upsells.

OTO 1: Sendiio Academy — $37

  • 10 proven free traffic building strategy
  • 20% discount coupon available
  • 2x money-back guarantee

OTO 2: Sendiio Elite Status

Connect directly to Sendiio’s SMTP server. This is the easiest step because it eliminates the technical steps you need to do on your own if you want to connect to other SMTP. However, do take note that the video tutorial is provided for you to connect to another provider. This feature comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. You have 2 options to choose from:

(a) Sendiio Elite 100 where you can import 100000 subscribers and send 100000 emails per month.

(b) Sendiio Elite 250 where you can import 250000 subscribers and send unlimited emails per month.

At this moment both options are available for lockdown price of $1

OTO 3: Sendiio VA License — $47

This upgrade allows you to create sub-folders and get someone else to send emails on your behalf. This enables you to outsource your business and protect your leads. You can limit the type of access that you want to provide to your outsource staff.

OTO 4: Sendiio Booster: $67

Send a sequence email to people who did not open your first email. Another autoresponder has this type of feature too but the difference here is that with Sendiio you can schedule upfront when you to send a 2nd email in case the 1st email is not opened.

OTO 5 : EmailRamp : $67

This is a web-based platform that helps you create high converting emails. This upgrade comes with over 1700 pre-written emails in all the hottest niches.

Get more details on the OTOs. Visit the Sendiio 2.0 Page now.

In this Sendiio 2.0 review. I would also like to give you my honest opinion about what do I like about this product?

Like 1: Powerful Software

If you want an email marketing control center where you can manage and send messages in 3 different platforms without having to login into them separately — then Sendiio is something that you can seriously consider. It makes the management of your messages easy. It definitely gives you a better reach in terms of audience.

Like 2: Low Cost

If you want an affordable autoresponder then this product is a no brainer. 250,000 subscribers with unlimited emails for $57 is cheap if you compare with most autoresponders in the market.

Like 3: Automation

Controlling the scheduling of your sequence is a cool feature. It saves time and allows being hand-free in managing follow-ups with your subscriber.

Like 4: Bigger Audience

The interface is easy to use and the tutorials are simple to follow. If you are an email marketer, Sendiio 2.0 helps to reach a bigger market and cuts your time in managing emails tremendously

Like 5: Quick Connect Option

Sendiio Elite Server is a good option to have. Although this is an upgrade, you can choose not to get it and connect with your own SMTP if you want. However, having an option the bypass all those technical steps to go through and straight away connect to the software’s own server is great. I actually think this is a good marketing strategy for Joshua to offer this as an upgrade.

Like 6: Helps You Write Better Email

When I did the Sendiio 2.0 review, I initially thought that the MailRamp was a feature that is nice to have and not necessary. However, after looking at it closer, I actually like this feature. At first glance, I found this to be a However, after experiencing it, it does provide value to the user. You get over 1700 ready-made templates in different niches and these templates offer you great ideas to tweak and write emails in your own personal way. Each niche has 7 different types of email category. It pretty much takes the hard thinking process you need to do write the right type of email. Alternatively, I can use the ready-made as it is.

What am I not too sure about Sendiio 2.0?

I feel the front-end product could have come with the email sequence feature instead of getting it through the Booster upgrade. Nevertheless, the front end-product is still good enough to meet your needs.

Sendiio Academy is something I would pass. That is because I have other resources that teach me how to get free traffic. However, if you are starting up or if you have been struggling to generate traffic, this could be worth considering.


My Conclusion about Sendiio 2.0

If you do not want to spend, too much on an autoresponder but you need it to be powerful enough to boost your email marketing and list marketing campaigns — get this product.

This product is ideal to get if you are on a budget and looking for long-term cost-effective software.

Those who are looking to provide email marketing services to your client apart from using it for yourself — get Sendiio 2.0.


This product comes in with 5 bonuses

1. Agency Access — this is a time-sensitive bonus

2. Twitter Autoresponder Update

3. Ringless Voicemail Drops

4. Live 90 Minute Training Session

5. Step by step training of setting up Sendiio with your hosting’s SMTP provider

Check out the cool bonuses in the Sendiio sales page here

Bonus From Me

If you do decide to get Sendiio 2.0 from my link, I will also provide the following premium bonuses to ensure your online business success. These bonuses will be delivered to you via email when you purchase the product.

1. 30 Days For Bigger Email List

2. IM Niche Sales Letters and Swipe Files

3. Facebook Ads Tips and Tricks

4. Facebook Mastery

5. FB Monetization Strategies

6. Instant Traffic For Newbies

7. Content Marketing Boosters

To get more details Visit the Sendiio 2.0 Sales Page Now.

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