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How did the “Remote Work” concept come into existence? Simple answer to it is — just like the offshoring and outsourcing came into existence. Someone from the west was starting up it’s own venture and had tight budget initially 
and couldn’t afford a local talent because of the minimum pay criteria in one’s country so he went ahead and recruited equally talented guys over the internet from overseas.In past the remote work culture was baby of this very arbitrage market. In past there were no crucial reasons like “Commute headache”, “Pollution”, “Office Space Crunch due to price surge”, “strict immigration bans”, etc for remote work.

But Today?

Now it isn’t just the act of arbitrage, there are genuine reasons why talents today are increasingly opting for remote work and so are the companies. I will break down the upsides of remote work - point by point and from both the perspective of clients and well as talents, below:


  1. Cost Arbitrage where a certain amount for a local talent would be peanuts but for someone it would be a fortune. Who won here? Of course it was a win-win for company and candidates.
  2. Easy availability of resources with peculiar technology needs. There is no hiding from the fact that the tech space is fast moving and every other day there are new java-scripts and new databases coming up. And sometimes companies struggle to find a local talent because the ratio of population of west and east plays a role and there simply isn’t enough talent pool which can suffice the increasing needs of the companies with tight budgets.
  3. Contractual benefits - Lessens the liability of the candidates over the companies.


  1. Decent Pay Check(Cheque) - The guys recruited remotely are usually(not always) underpaid in their local country. They mostly belong to the countries densely populated and having poor employment ratios.
  2. Work Life Balance - The disproportionate urbanization in various countries has led to flocking of talents to particular cities of the country and the settling in the new cities which are away from hometown with the extended family(Parents + Spouse + Child) remains a distant dream for first few years with the meager pay. A remote guy has the pleasure of seating in his favorite spot in his house and can enjoy being a digital-nomad(travel to explore places and work) every once in a while.
  3. Health - The mental and physical health according to one of the surveys of 2015–16 was jaw-dropping. It makes sense, right? A guy having food in the comfort of his house, not travelling for hours just to reach office and a comfortable pay scale keeps his mind and body in best of health.
  4. Productivity - It was quite debatable when there were few remote work management & tracking tools. But with the rise of Git, Slack, Skype, Trello, etc the tracking has been a bottleneck of the past. Also the internet bandwidth has improved remarkably and has boost the remote ecosystem quite a bit. All the forces and the wind are in the direction of the employee being more productive. A right motivated remote employee is a the dream come true for small startups.

My two cents:

“With this small article I try to bring the aspiring remote employees, budding entrepreneurs who are willing to contribute to remote ecosystem and the tool makers for companies with remote setup on one platform. On behalf of certain segment of the Tech ecosystem I urge startups to try one remote employee for the work of least priority to them for 3 months at-least. This will help them to see how it works for them. If I have motivated someone with my words be it employees or company do come and write your story below or you can drop a mail to . We are also working on a platform to pick curated remote employees so in-case if you have a remote requirement you can write to us and we can work together to close it. The suggestions and views are always welcomed.”

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