“The boy who befriended his challenges so they couldn’t betray him”.

He is a Soul who made his debut on mother Earth, 19 yrs ago. And this Nineteen yrs taught him the fundamental phenomenon of how Life works. **(The mechanism of Life)**

Born in a beautiful village and then brought up in a city, ‘City of Dreams’, Mumbai where he had his first few years of formal education till he was 5. Mumbai has left an indelible mark on his personality and life. He was matured enough to step into the world around, without the fear of loneliness and sadness. And then to his surprise, he was fortuitous to get into a Hostel with international standards in a hill station. And that’s the earliest struggle he remembers of. But it was smooth enough and not that bad because he was blessed with decent parents and wise mentors.

Oh yeah, he was Happy! But his Mum wasn’t, and his Sister who was 2 years elder than him had no idea of his upcoming absence. And his Dad bore this pain of separation with a heavy heart and a broad fake smile. His parents were concerned more about his value based and experience-based learning.

So as we know, Education is not just a process of transferring information but also a tradition to inculcate virtues like truth, fearless living, discipline and self-reliance in a person. To instill these qualities in students, HDH Pramukh Swami Maharaj, the Spiritual leader of BAPS, established a magnificent residential academic institution — The BAPS SWAMINARAYAN VIDYAMANDIR, Mount Abu, Rajasthan.

He was 6, so he was fortunate enough to balance his interest both in “Science & Spirituality” equally. No-one would question him his beliefs, neither was he being judged by the society. He was connected to NRI’s he had around him from various other countries. Surprisingly he was fascinated by ‘Space science & Astronomy’. And by time his love got inclined to Philosophy & Psychology. He was bold enough to get into any of the groups he wanted to.
 **He wasn’t just a child playing with toys and games he had theories and facts to play with.** There were no barriers to stop him to ignite his mind and think out of the box which he was used to and that was more because, he was blessed with decent mentors, teachers & caretakers. He had a hobby to observe people around him, sometimes this dropped him into a mess, but then he knew that it was a part of his study helping him to know the species of homo sapience in a clear way. He was well informed to spend his 5 years at this beautiful place which he still remembers. He had a much more interesting part of his life which he wanted to introduce to the world around him. 
**In fact “He was ready to befriend his challenges so they couldn’t betray him”.**

At this point in his life, he is evolving more into a civilized human being which most of his friends don’t care of. He welcomes the challenges he is gonna face.