New Goals

Hello World!

Introduction : My name is Premprakash Singh, But you all can call me Prem. I am a computer engineering student from Mumbai, India. I love web development and API stuffs and recently Completed my 2 month internship at a start-up where my role was modification and managing their website and mobile back-end API. And i am still working with them on weekends and building their public API in node, express and mongoDB.

As everyone loves improvements in their life so i decided to start a goal of writing tech blogs every alternate days or everyday if possible. I will be writing about every new technology that i love and come across. I already have decent knowledge of MEAN stack except angular because i will be learning react instead of angular (choosing react is my choice because i know few people who know react and can help me in my journey.)


I understood that the best way to learn is to teach whatever you know to others because at that time you need to make sure that you know things thoroughly and many times we came across new questions ask by other peoples that never came to our mind during our learning. I started to attend tech meetups so that i can meet some experienced developers and can learn from them. I learn everything from online resources like Codecademy, Freecodecamp, Ebooks, Youtube, and blog articles etc.

So i will be writing tech blogs on medium to share my knowledge and whatever i have learned or will be learning by progressing on my track.

well that’s it for today and you can follow me on medium or can send me messages also. We’ll see you tomorrow :) .