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4 MAJOR Ways to Finding the Right Path

Welcome again, Fellow Readers. Today I have a very special blog post for y’all.

There are many times in my life where I lost aim of where I’m going or simply lost the driving force on continuing on the road I’ve been paving. When you’re in those moments in life you need a bit of clarity!

Here are my 4 ways to finding the right path for your life:

1. Start with Motivation

There’s a way you can start finding the right path and that’s getting charged up and start getting passionate about the things you want to do most. When I get motivated in the morning I can have more of a sense of the things I want to get done for the day and for the future. The more you get riled up, the easier it would be to find that path for you. One way is to watch some motivational videos online and finding those mentors that can guide you along the way. Some of my recommendations would be Eric Thomas, Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk and Les Brown.

2. Look within yourself

This is by far the most effective method there is to finding the right path in my point of view. When you can turn off the noise of the outer world and look within you can make some powerful discoveries. Starting it’s always tough, so just do the exercise for 5 minutes, close your eyes and stay quiet. The right path will guide you, it might take a few practice rounds for a couple of days, but if you stick with it and increase your time and discipline this is by far the best way to really know if you’re heading in the right direction.

3. Do something you hate or find boring

Yup! I said it. Go out there and do something you will extremely hate to do or it might be a boring task for you. For those people really stuck, I would suggest to go out there and do something you hate, in my case, it was getting a 9–5 job at Starbucks. I’m not a fan of coffee myself, but being at a place I really didn’t want to be helped me in a major way to see that I would much rather be using my time on doing other things that I later discovered that I loved and I quit that job within just 1 month of working there. Sometimes you have to do something you hate like getting a job or something boring like perhaps the laundry to really have the time to find what we would rather be doing.

4. Get some help from your buddies

Worst case scenario, let’s say all of those don’t work for you! Just go ask a few friends, maybe family, to tell you what are some of the best qualities of you. You might be shocked about what they say! There might be qualities, abilities and/or skills they see in you that you might not even see in yourself. Life is all about perspective and since you’ve lived only inside of yourself, getting perspective from other people it’s always a great way to see more of the light that shines on you.

And those are the 4 Major ways to Finding the Right Path! I hope this has served you well because it indeed has helped me find a better path in my life. Life is very simple, we make it complicated, but as complex as our brains might be at times we need that extra guidance. I’m creating a tool that I will share with you soon to help you prepare for life and its challenges.

In the meantime…

Stay Blessed,

Steve Dez