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5 Quick Lessons in Love

Hello there Fellow Reader! I’m back at it again.

My deep apologies for not being as consistent & prompt as I promised I would be at the beginning of this 120-day challenge I set upon, but life is real, sometimes we fall short and to prove that when you fall 7 times you stand up 8 times, I’m back!

Today’s topic based on the passing of Valentine’s Day is a quick lesson of love, Hope you enjoy.

Lesson #1 Love is Patient

Throughout my life, I’ve struggled to find love. Maybe it’s because I grew up in a household where love was very suppressed or at least not expressed the way it’s meant to be expressed. So, for the longest time, I struggled to be patient once I found what love actually is and how I felt when I had it. In life, especially this time, we can be a little impatient since we live on the On DEMAND Era. Remember to always take your time, love will come for you, but just remain as patient and get as ready as you can.

Lesson #2 Love is Peaceful

Once you find that Love, but I mean that REAL Love you’ll see that Love is absolutely peaceful. There’s nothing to fear when you are surrounded by the calm mantle of love. There were many occasions where I had love but I still was fearful, that’s just clearly a sign that it wasn’t Real Love. Once you’ve obtained the Real Deal you will see that there’s nothing to be in fear of.

Lesson #3 Love Never Betrays

It goes in hand with Lesson #2, that is that LOVE is out there for You. To take care of you and treat you like the beautiful being that you are. Once you get that real deal loving you’ll be able to witness the beauty of it. Sure, there are people out there that don’t have the best intentions, but there’s absolutely a love for you that will NEVER EVER Betray You!

Lesson #4 Love Starts and Ends with YOU

This was by far the hardest one I had to learn! Love BEGINS and ENDS with you! If you’re a person that has been a bit impatient because you haven’t found that love yet, let me tell you that it BEGINS with you! If you’re not in a state where you can FULLY love yourself you will never find true love. Yes, you may encounter love but not the Real Deal. It will only be shades of what you wish you could have but until you realize that it BEGINS and ENDS with you and that you have to FULLY love yourself, you will never get to that point.

Lesson #5 Love is What Life is about

Once you finally reach the point where you learned all the lessons and you’ve finally obtained the Love that you want in life, you realize that Love is really what life is about. So go ahead, spread that LOVE somewhere today. Maybe with people that are wounded and need to be healed, or perhaps a stranger you might not now, or maybe it is children the reason for your joy! No matter what’s the case, Love is what life is about and it’s meant to be spread just like jelly on bread! Spread that kindness & Love around! It will come back to you tenfold.

And there YOU HAVE IT!!!!!! Those are the lessons I’ve learned in Love thus far! I still got quite a lot to learn since I’m just finishing the first quarter of my life in this body. Hope these lessons have helped you and share it with those around you!

I truly believe you will FIND LOVE if it hasn’t found you Yet. Be sure to follow these simple lessons I’ve learned so you get there quicker than me! Remember that I LOVE YOU no matter what and there are people that Love YOU too out there!

Stay Blessed,

Steve Dez