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Journaling : A Better Way To Accomplish Your Tasks

Welcome Back Fellow Readers, Today is a Fun One

We are going to talk about Journaling and how this could help you make major leaps in your business and life.

It’s important to stay in charge of your thoughts. We are products of our past experiences and choices but that does not mean that our past reflects our future. Begin every day with a clean slate. Know that as each day passes, you are growing and changing into the person you’re meant to become. People will set a goal for themselves and because they can be inconsistent, they lose sight of that goal. Or, when we set a goal and we reach it, we sometimes forget that we must remain consistent to keep it. Consistency is very important when it comes to maintaining any kind of success.

That’s why Having a Journal is absolutely Key! And the following are tips on the way I journal.

1. Break your day by the Numbers

I like to break each time frame of my 24 hrs into the following segments; 6am-9am, 9am-12pm, 12pm-3pm, 3pm-6pm, 6pm-9pm, 9pm

The reason these greats break down in these formats is to have chunks where I’m doing different activities! Especially when you’re your own boss like myself you have to make sure you get the ball rolling, so breaking down the day by chunks is by far the BEST way for me to get most things done.

2. What are your Targets?

If we are going to hit a bullseye, we first need to know where and what exactly are we aiming at. Make sure to establish solid targets you have to get done TODAY in order to prioritize what Needs to get done.

3. Write the Tasks on the time frames

In between the chunks, Write Major Tasks that have to get done! By having it attached to a time frame makes it more prominent in your pineal gland of your brain by raising the urgency and scarcity of the task.

4. Write Your Successes

At the end of the day, we have lots we accomplish that was set on paper and lots we accomplish that never got to the journal in the first place. Make sure to write about your successes for the day! This is a Big help for days you feel like what you’re doing is not enough so you can go back and look at awesome things you have already accomplished and get inspired to do more of that.

5. Leave Room for improvement

What are those things you’re leaving behind or not satisfied with!? Leave some space for it too! Make sure to always note the things you weren’t able to accomplish but want to do as part of your tasks, this could be great to see your improvement and also take a closer look at the tasks you been not acting on.

6. Write Stories

Since I’m a Comedian & Storyteller as well I love writing stories! Maybe a funny anecdote of my day or someone I encountered that made my day great or even worse! There’s a story in every day that we live, Go Find YOURS!

In conclusion, Journaling is not as easy as it may sound. It requires quite some discipline in order to execute properly the way you want to organize your brain. This is a hard one. Especially for those of us who overthink everything. We catch ourselves analyzing the past as if we can somehow go back in time to change something we wish we hadn’t done or said. Or, we think about the future so much that we often ruin the present. When you spend so much of your time thinking about things that haven’t even happened yet, you ruin your ability to be able to fully enjoy the present for what it is, and what it’s offering you. That’s why Journaling should be on top of your priority list.

But Anyways! That’s it for today, I will catch you tomorrow for day -117 of my EPIC 120 Day Blogging Challenge.

Stay blessed,

Steve Dez