The Ultimate Guide to Empathy

Wepa! Fellow Readers!! Got a very interesting one for ya today.

During work the other day, I was with a couple of coworkers that didn’t seem to get along and its a lot to do with our current times. We been in a phase where we are seeing people taking a side and going at war with each other, like on Facebook. The same thing that happens online is also happening offline, but if we do our due diligence and we actually apply these next rules I’m about to share with you, we could perhaps become a more harmonious civilization.

Here’s my Ultimate Guide to Empathy:

1. Listen, Linda, Listen!

Have you ever seen the Listen, linda, listen video? (If you haven’t just click HERE) It’s hilarious! But it’s also very interesting because just by doing the listening part we can all reach a better understanding. Listening to other human beings even if we disagree with them it’s the first step towards empathy. They say the first step is the hardest, but once you cross that path believe me you won’t look back.

2. Put yourself in my Shoes

Have you ever played that game? Think how another human being would think? It’s a fun game and you should actually play it everyday! This is an important step to take in your quest towards empathy. When in an argument or in my case when witnessing an argument, understand both parties, why are they behaving this way, what are their strong and weak points, where do they come from, etc. You really have to analyze a person completely because remember not all of us come from the same background as you.

3. Debate Respectfully my Friends

We are all human beings after all and even though certain people might seem cold and hard we all have feelings. So when in the heat of debate, don’t go towards insults or controversy, reach a mutual agreement even if at the end you both still stand strong by your beliefs and disagree with each other. One great example of this is Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO or The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast because they invite people from all backgrounds and beliefs to have a peaceful debate. It could get heated sometimes but as long as you debate respectfully you are just right there getting to emphatic mode.

4. Never EVER EVER!!! Resort to Violence

I gotta make this one clear! If we go into old human nature to get angry and try to become violent that’s exactly the opposite of being in the road of empathy, so for the love of every single human being on Earth Never EVER EVER!! Resort to Violence.

5. Change Your Perspective

The Ultimate way to reach KungFoo BlackBelt Master in the road to Empathy is changing your perspective on what other human beings are. Instead of seeing them as strangers why not see them as family? For example, if you really love people like I do, then why not see a “stranger” like a brother or sister. If you don’t want that type of closeness, then see them as a cousin that visits you on the weekends to play games and talk about life. Just change your view towards others so you are more inviting. One of my favorite things is to travel because you get to see how other people interact in other environments! I remember so many places were so many brothers and sisters were so kind to me in the streets in many states and cities across the USA.

There you have it!!! The Ultimate Guide towards Empathy so you can go out there and be the Best you can be. I’m extremely joyful that you were able to find this gem of a blog I wrote and delighted to get to know you even better. So, if you made it this far, please leave a comment below saying andaleAndaleArribaArriba so I really know that you’re a trooper! Also, if you want to comment anything else that’s fine too. Anyways, hope you have enjoyed this blog post transmission!

Stay Groovy Baby,

Steve Dez