Top 7 Keys to a more Organized & Balanced Life

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Today, we’ll be discussing the top 7 keys to a more organized & balanced life based on the knowledge I’ve acquired from books, influencers, podcasts and applying them myself. I will show you the top ones that have helped me keep a more organized and balanced lifestyle, but believe me there are way more than what I’m going to provide! Just follow along and apply only the ones that suit best for you.

Here are my top 7 keys to a more productive, organized, prepared and balanced lifestyle:

1. Minimalism

If you live in the western world, chances are that you have more material stuff than many people in other countries. People mainly in the Americas have an incredible amount of stuff and we need to do a constant spring cleaning if we been binge shopping at Amazon every other month. Perhaps donate some extra stuff to your local shelter or maybe give it to a neighbor. It doesn’t matter what you do, but mainly get rid of that extra stuff you been hoarding for months or perhaps even years in your home.

2. Post It Notes

I love MIND MAPS!!! and with Post-It Notes I found it Easier and Easier to get my life together. I use different colored post-its to indicate the priority of each of the tasks that I have to get done in the day. There are tons of different colors, shapes and sizes of post-it notes, so go ahead and get the ones that speak to you the most and try this technique! I absolutely been loving it.

3. Priority Matrix

A prioritization matrix is a simple tool that provides a way to sort a diverse set of items into an order of importance. It also identifies their relative importance by deriving a numerical value for the priority of each item. Basically, I use my Post-it Notes in a Priority Matrix Fashion. I classify each post-it note color into Urgent and Important, Urgent but not so important, Important but not so urgent and Neither Important or Urgent tasks. Once you have it laid out in the matrix you will know specifically what to put your entire attention on and create your world.

4. Clean Every Day

The same way you have to clean your body every day is the same way you need to clean your space daily! If your office and/or home is beginning to clutter then it’s time to start cleaning daily. When we rearrange and clean our atmosphere we feel 20 times more productive and capable of extraordinary things! Why not make it a healthy habit to clean every day even if it’s just cleaning for just 10 minutes a day and gradually increase the time as days go by.

5. Meditation

I can’t stress Mediation enough, but if you really want to balance your life this is the ultimate key. The same way you use priority matrix to organize and the clean everyday technique to establish healthy habits, you must also meditate daily as well. Is the only significant way to not only improve your health, but also it helps you organize all the ideas in your brain. It’s kinda like seeing your life and wonderful ideas in slow motion and you get to pick and choose which ones you want to accomplish on that day. There are tons of meditations such as visual meditations, TM meditation, Isha Kriya, Mindfulness, and many others! Just pick the one that suits better for you and roll with it.

6. Check Email & Social at an established time

We can get caught up in so much noise these days, so why not give it a pause for a long, long time? Let’s try to wake up and not check immediately our phones (Even if we are in Love seeing if the other person texted us a good morning text). Noise conflicts with your own thinking, and there are people that even up to this day, still have the conflict of waking up and putting on Constant Negative News or in other words CNN and all the political/social drama around us. If you’re one of those, please STOP!!! You’re losing and giving up your power to Noise! Even if you do this and instead you just scroll for Hours on Facebook or Instagram you’re still losing your power! Let’s win more and stop checking emails, the news and social media until a desired slot of time or in your downtime during work but never when you wake up.

7. Make Time for the Fun Stuff

A huge tip from me is to Have Fun in Life! There’s no pleasure in just being a workaholic even if work is super fun to you. We are creatures that love community, so enjoy time with some other cool and interesting people around your area. Having fun increases your dopamine levels which in return help you be extra productive once you’re back to work and makes you look forward to other fun times you might have in the future.

There you have it! The top 7 Keys to have a more organized & balanced life. Like I said previously, it’s not the end all be all of the lists. There are tons and more things you could do, but these, in fact, have helped my life in such major ways, that I had to share these keys with you so maybe 2 or 3 could help you get closer to the life you always wanted to live.

If you have any suggestions about things that you would like me to write about feel free and drop a comment below.

Stay Blessed,

Steve Dez