How to Write a Blog That People Would Actually Read!

Blogging, a term which now works as oxygen for SEO. Blogging in today’s era is not only about gathering and spreading knowledge, now it’s all about art, the art of expressing your views, art of making people to follow you and not you to follow them.

I am going to guide you as deep as i can but for me blogging is something like learning a bicycle, you can understand all the do’s and don’ts by your mum and dad but you can never learn it until you’re not going to free out yourself to the open road.

So, go ahead start writing, start discovering your own style and your own technique.

Now, let’s be little practical, if you have your own business then you must be aware of the fact that if you want to increase your number of customers and get more leads then blogging is the best way to walk through, right? But you don’t know how?

B2B marketers that use blogs receive 67% more leads than those that do not. Click to Tweet! (Source)

Let me guide you the basic 6 steps to writing a blog that people would actually read!!Let’s go.

Step 1: Planning and Understanding

With Planning, I meant using your vital time of writing your blog which could be a couple of hours from choosing your headline to tapping the publish button.

May be you can take a couple of days or a complete week of your start up.

Coming to understanding I meant knowing your audience’s taste what they want to hear from you, like if you’re targeting your blog posts for well-settled business people then it’s worthless to guide them about making their business run over social media because they must have already done it, instead you can guide some hot techniques to increase their business through Social media.

Step 2: Mark An Exciting Head Line

Don’t worry it’s not like you’ve to choose your blog headline at very first then have to start writing it. If that’s the rule, then I can bet I could never have written a single blog.

Because what happens with me is I started this blog with the topic “how to write good blogs”,

Completing my two stanzas I have converted it to “All About writing good blogs” and now as you can see it’s “Revealing : How to Write a Blog That People Would Actually Read!.”

So I am a person who can’t remain stuck to a single headline and so do most blogger can, but still writing a headline is must, just to set up your mind that in which direction you should start thinking about your blog.

Besides, you should always go for some exciting and happening topics because

“No fun for writer, no fun for readers”

Yes that is the only rule of any blog,

If you want to your readers to remain stuck up to your blog the only thing which can make it successful is “Enthusiasm.”

Trust me, Nothing and I mean nothing can kill your blog and make your readers leave in between rather than lack of excitement.

To write better headline or check your headline, Try Coschedule Headline Analyzer

See how my headline work

Step 3: Start With A Cool Intro

Trust me this part should be taken very seriously because this is the part which will actually decide the popularity you’re going to gain.

Tell me one thing, what you do when you’re in found of some content, let me tell you what I actually do.

Google some interesting topics, open up the article, first few lines… Oh! It’s frustrating close the tab, new article.. it’s boring!, again close the tab and after repeating the same system again and again when I actually get something which attracts me that much which makes it’s impossible for me to go out from there I stop the process and stuck up there.

And I believe the same technique is used by almost everyone.

After all, who wants to chuck a completely dull and boring content for hours.

Giving a cool intro to your blog will let you remain enthusiastic all over your blog.

It’s very important to grab the interest of your readers. If your first few stanzas or few sentences are not cool enough to grow the interest of people then you’re going to lose a large number of readers.

Doesn’t matters how serious the topic is on which you’re writing, try to start with a captivating story or inspirational lines or even you can crack jokes.

Step 4: Do Your Home Work And Start Writing

Yes! It’s quite shocking but true. Let me tell you a secret of professional bloggers which includes me as well, We sometimes don’t know anything.

Harsh but truth, we sometimes sit to write about something for which we even don’t know the A,B,C…

But what makes us write is our homework.

Research and keep on searching is the only homework you have to complete to deliver good blogs. For this, I would not suggest you for checking out Wikipedia every time, although it includes a huge in it but you must keep on logging for other matters.

Never go for third for party source provider, by this I mean if you’re searching for facts and stats almost all the blogs get back linked with some other content.

Chase that “some other” only to know the actual scenario.

“After all, for becoming good speaker become a good listener first and For becoming good writer become a good reader first…”

Once you’re done with your homework…

Start the most important part, writing..

Write all the things which can help in clearing the confusion, never make it too complicated because you’re not writing to make you understand yourself but to make your readers understand about the topic.

Never think about words and how much as it was said by my high school teacher to “Write that much which is necessary and makes it informative.”

Step 5: Fix Out Your Post

Fixing or editing is very important because it edits cherry on your cake. Always recheck your post, check the grammar — For this you can use Grammarly

It also includes:

Image of your Post

Undoubtedly, Image can act as the key reason for success of your blog. After all, a human brain understands a visual 500X faster than anything else.

Content with relevant images gets 94% more views than content without relevant images. Click To Tweet! (Source)

Attractive Image does almost 50 % of your work

Visual Appearance

Nobody likes to read an improper blog without any alignment or with floating headlines.

Before publishing your blog make the visual appearance of your blog as perfect as possible because it will make your blog and your brand more professional

Tags and Topics

Writing blog is not enough, it’s really important to make your blog getting searched.

For this choose, different tags that your readers can think and that can show your blog for their searches.

Step 6: Outline Your Blog

Last but not the least, never forget to outline your blog it’s as important as your first stanza of your blog. It will let you pack your word and your reader’s’ confusion about the topic.

Provide a CTA (Call-to-Action) Option

During outlining it’s very important to include a call to action button in the lowermost corner of your blog it will let your reader go ahead for further steps either it would be reading a similar blog, downloading ebooks, webinars or sharing to social media.

Allow them to do whatever they want to do next, after all, anyhow you’re getting to convert leads from it.

Summarizing it, what I can suggest you about blogs is take your bicycle and start flowing on the road might be you’ll not start riding it for the very first day but one day you definitely will.

Every blogger has his own style of writing discover yours and start it from today only.

Everybody is linked with some of the memories with their journey of writing blogs make your own story and yes! Do share with us we would love to hear your strange stories.

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Originally published at on April 10, 2016.

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