My Personal Truth About LASIK Surgery (Worth Your Money or Not?)

Pawan Kumar
Jan 10, 2018 · 3 min read
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Recently I had a LASIK surgery and after my experience with getting LASIK, some of my friends (guys with specs) said they were thinking about the same thing and wanted to know more about the procedure! So today I’m sharing my personal experience with you.

Probably you've heard from your friends or relatives, “LASIK is painless and you’ll get clear vision just in hours!”


Let me tell you a disturbing truth: It was not fun!

Here I’m sharing the complete truth that nobody told you.

I have been wearing glasses for five years. I’m a digital marketer and a freelance writer and I have to work on the computer for hours (approx 12 hours a day).

From past few months, I was facing some issues with my eyes (redness and irritations).

So I decided to go for LASIK eye surgery.

Sounds, scary!

Honestly, I was feeling the same. What would happen if anything could go wrong? This fear was knocking in my head.

I did some research and found a highly rated hospital in my city, “Centre for Sight”. I visited the center and the staff was very professional and polite. The place was really clean (I wondered they didn't ask me to remove my shoes. Just kidding!)

After having the consultation and eye checkups it was confirmed that I was a perfect candidate for LASIK.


My surgeon Dr. Sneha Sharma explained all about the LASIK surgery and it helped to prepare mentally for surgery. She was very polite with a great smile on her face.

I completed some formalities (signed off on some papers and forms). I didn’t want to take any risk with my eyes, so I took 10 days off from the office and freelance work to recover. I suggest you take at least 10 off from your work.

On the day of surgery, my father and brother were with me.

I highly recommend you to go with your friend or a family member.

My surgery started in the afternoon. Surgeon gave a healthy dose of solutions to my eyes before going under.

The surgery only took a total of seven minutes. After the surgery, the surgeon drenched multiple eye drops. She asked me to close my eyes and take rest for one hour.

After one hour, she reviewed my eyes again and advised me to wear UV glasses to protect eyes from the lights and dust over the next month.

I barely opened my eyes. I came straight home and tried to sleep.

That few hours were the most uncomfortable for me. I was feeling irritation and it felt like something is crawling inside my eyes. I couldn't sleep well that night.

Terrible night!

But I got better in the next morning. No pain. No irritation. I felt a clear vision.


I went back to Dr. Sneha that morning and after checking my eyes she said that the operation was a success.

Let me share the cost of my LASIK eye surgery.

  • INR 2,000 or $31.4 (Lasik Workup)
  • INR 29,000 or $455.3 (Lasik Surgery)
  • INR 3,000 or $47.1 (Prescription eye drops and UV glasses)

On the work side, LASIK affected the work, but it gave back my eyesight.

For the first week, I had to input eye drops 15 times in a day.

It’s not a joke, literally 15 times to keep my eyes wet.

It’s been twenty days since I had the surgery and my vision is really great.

If you ask me that is LASIK worthy?

My Answer: Yes!

Are you thinking about LASIK surgery?

Schedule a consultation and see if it’s a good option for you!

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