Working From Home vs Working From Office: Where Should You Work?

Pawan Kumar
Dec 14, 2019 · 4 min read
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Working from home or working from the office?

The biggest debate.

As more jobs become tied to the Internet and more millennials are entering the workforce, working from home is becoming a growing trend.

Would you be more productive working in your Pajamas or your formal wear?

Would you enjoy your own company or would you miss the workplace environment?

Are you still confused about which option is good for you?

Don’t panic!

In this article, you’ll discover the benefits of both working from home and working from office.

Let’s dive in:

5 Benefits of Working from Home

You can set up your office anywhere!

“What’s the biggest advantage of working from home?”, we asked the attendees of the HR Round-table.

And they answered: Your office can be anywhere.

Yes anywhere!

You can simply place a chair and a table in the corner of the living room or you can sit on the sofa (even on the floor).

And the best thing?

You’re not even tied to your home.

You can go and sit in the corner coffee shop or the garden (and enjoy the great outdoors).

Dress up the way you like

Do you feel comfortable in your pajamas or shorts?

You don’t need to worry about dressing up while working from home.

Just wear whatever you feel comfortable in.

Because the only thing that matters is: Result.

No commuting — You’ll save money!

Of course, you’ll save more money when you don’t need to bear the cost of commuting.

And I bet you are not aware of one fact: Around 20% of your monthly income will be spent on traveling.

You can also potentially save on food, as you can use the time saved in commuting to cook food at home whenever you want.

More ‘Me time’ and family time

Over time, spending time with ourselves has lost its standing on our list of priorities.

The biggest advantage of working from home is: No commute!

You can spend this time with your kids and spouse (or do whatever you love). If you’re a working parent and don’t spend much time at home, then it may create a gap with your children.

But working from home can make you a better parent and you can take care of your family.

You can become more productive by staying focused

According to a 2016 survey of American remote workers, about 91 percent of people who work from home feel that they’re more productive than when they’re in an office.

The one point that came out from the discussion at our HR Round-table was:

“You can stay more focused at home because you don’t need to worry about your colleagues stopping by to “ask a question” or “gossiping around the coffee machine.” You stay away from office politics while working remotely.”

But you need a steady routine to stay focused while you’re working from home. Don’t get distracted by TV, social media, or web-series. Your time is totally in your control, use it wisely.

In Defence of Working from Office

You get to meet your colleagues in person

When we asked, “What’s the biggest downside of working from home?”

They responded: Loneliness. You don’t interact with people much.

When you’re working from the office, it’s much easier to connect with your colleagues and meet them in person.

It gives you an opportunity to develop your communication and interpersonal skills. It’s also much easier for your manager and higher-ups to notice your potential concerning your productivity, dedication, and thoughtfulness.

So, as you step into your office, make sure you’re behaving your best and handling conversations with maturity.

You can disconnect from your work more easily

The moment you step into your office, your work hours begin. You know that you have a limited number of hours to accomplish the tasks for the day.

Offices have fixed work hours along with appropriate lunch and tea breaks. It may seem quite binding at first, but you learn the importance of time management by working in an office.

Working in an office helps you leave your work behind when you finish your day.

You get immediate feedback

No matter where you work, feedback is fundamental to your growth and development.

When you work in an office, not only do you get more interaction with your manager and superiors, but also get direct feedback related to your work.

Even if you’re not sure about something, you can just walk up to your colleagues and ask.

Constructive feedback from your colleagues and superiors can help you improve your work efficiency and increase understanding regarding the business.

You can be more active in the office

What’s better than accomplishing a work task with sheer perfection and professionalism? ( Hint: Getting noticed about it in your office!)

One of the best things is that you get to participate in discussions and keep your point of view with impact. Plus, you also get to showcase your leadership skills and be a part of a great team.

One of our HR round-table attendees said:

“At work, I’m more physically active, whether I’m going to the upstairs kitchen to get my daily caffeine or chasing down my colleagues so I can have lunch/snacks with them.”

You Decide…

Some people feel productive and happier working in an office and some people feel more productive working from home.

You have to decide which option is good for you. Both options have their pros and cons.

Do you love to work from your couch all the time? Or do you like going to the office? Do share your thoughts here.

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