By Prof. Dr. Frank Emmert, LL.M., FCIArb

Several years after their launch and the development of a multitude of potential uses, Smart Contracts face an uphill battle for mass adoption. This is most likely due to the fact that the Smart Contracts themselves are only one part of a larger…

Real estate prices are observed when properties change hands. The high costs associated with real estate transactions and the large average volume of a typical transaction (as compared to equity markets for example), lead to infrequent observations for the same asset. In between transactions, real estate professionals and investors need…

As February draws closer to its end, at PrepayWay we are getting ready for our 2nd birthday. We take this opportunity to reflect on what we have accomplished and ponder what lies ahead of us. …

I have 10 minutes, which is about enough to tell you a story that’s been going on for 10 years. This story begins in 2008 when a group of Swiss institutional investors was looking for a reliable data source needed to understand the riskiness of residential property over more than…

Crying wolf without learning its eating and sleeping habits won’t help protect the sheep. The all-to-frequent regulatory reaction to blockchain initiatives and cryptocurrencies is to cry wolf and occasionally even shoot at them with fines or lawsuits. It is understandable given that more than a few lambs have been slaughtered…

As more and more businesses are adopting smart contracts and moving to the blockchain, the need for automated resolution of disputes arising from smart contracts is becoming increasingly urgent. At Blockchain Expo Global, PrepayWay co-founder Prof. Dr. Frank Emmert presented smart arbitration services developed by PrepayWay to address the challenges of smart contract enforcement. See video for more details.

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This interview with PrepayWay co-founder Prof. Dr. Frank Emmert was held on April 18, during the two-day Blockchain Expo Global, a conference and exhibition event in London, UK, where PrepayWay presented its smart mediation and arbitration services and also looked for opportunities to establish connections with companies that offer…

PrepayWay co-founder Mihnea Constantinescu explains how our product — a bundle of legal and financial tools — will make the property reservation stage secure and transparent while minimizing risks and costs.

He elaborates on how PrepayWay will simplify the contract preparation and signing stage, and how smart contract and Blockchain technologies will record transactions and create a trust-less environment, removing the need for middlemen.

Finally, Mihnea touches on the topic of dispute resolution through decentralized mediation.

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The blockchain: a business truth machine

Recent transactions will provide, in most valuation exercises, an anchor point for pricing. Available data on cap rates, vacancy and lease terms, among other variables, will be systematically scrutinized as this becomes the basis of a seemingly endless DCF pricing spreadsheet.

The analyst will go at great lengths to derive…

PrepayWay co-founder Frank Emmert introduces two innovations and explains how PrepayWay will revolutionize real estate transactions.

The first innovation concerns legal area and will enhance transparency. Templates of typical real estate contracts from different countries, similar yet country-specific, will be translated into multiple languages, uploaded online, and secured on the blockchain.

The second innovation is aimed at improving security. Built-in smart contract arbitration system will bring quality, efficiency, and enforceability of dispute resolution to a new level.

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PrepayWay Ecosystem combines legal smart contacts, payment options in fiat and cryptocurrency, escrow service and dispute resolution services.

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