Hidden secrets of Coding interviews which matters!

5 Mistakes to avoid during a Coding Interview

Knowingly or Unknowingly Student’s commit different mistakes during their coding interview which can affect the results. You have well prepared for your interview, now it is time to check these mistakes and ensure you don’t commit them in your coding interview.

Not Understanding the problem statement properly

It might happen that interviewer presents the problem statement, and you don’t understand the problem completely or might have some doubts about the problem. Student fears to ask doubts from the interviewer or asking the interviewer to repeat the question thinking that it will create a bad impression on the interviewer and we start solving problem assuming certain part of the questions which we did not understand. This should never be done.

Not caring about the time complexity of code written

You write code without caring about the time complexity or even worse when you are asked about the time complexity of your code, you are not able to calculate the time complexity of your own code. This gives a bad impression on the interviewer.

Hurry in presenting the code to the interviewer, not dry run code missing corner cases

Sometimes you are in so much hurry of presenting your code that you don’t dry run your code, you miss corner cases.

Not writing production level code

You have cracked the logic, you have implemented the algo properly but you don’t bother about commas and semicolons and code presentability.

Not giving 100% during the interview

Many times no matter how well you prepare you are not don’t give 100% in the interview. Panic, Nervousness anything could be the case. You might not have given a solution to one problem statement, you should approach another problem with the same amount of confidence and give your 100%.

Originally published at www.prepbytes.com.