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Money is tight. Especially for new businesses. So it’s understandable why getting a logo isn’t a budget priority and why online services like Fiverr is an awesome place to find a creative for the job. But before going on Fiverr (or any similar website), it’s important to know some core elements about the brand that you want to create so that you can give your designer some solid, well-grounded inspiration. Most designers on Fiverr are talented and can create superb logos quickly. But that also means that they don’t spend too much time on brand strategy.

In a nutshell, brand…

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“Surviving” may be too big of a word, but for some, screwing up feels like an end of the world catastrophe that must be survived. Sent an email to the wrong person? Came to a meeting underprepared? Completely botched a presentation? It’s natural that when things like these happen, you start feeling like your credibility or career is on the line. But rest assured, more often than not, the consequence of a workplace mistake is a lot less severe than you think.

Here’s how to bounce back and recover from “ahh crap” moments at work:

Accept that you’ve made a mistake

It’s done. It happened. You’re…

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I was twenty-two years old and had just recently graduated from college when I got my first “career” job that included leadership responsibilities. Unlike some of my millennial peers, I did not have some innate confidence telling me “I got this!” or helping me to fake it until I made it. It did not help that one of the first things that I heard from one of our partners was that I had big shoes to fill. I obviously looked young which suggested my inexperience.

Um, pressure.

Not only did I have to learn on the job fast, but I…

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