About Jeff Tidwell

I’m an Entrepreneur in Residence at Boxador in Venice, CA.

I also have a consulting practice prepop where we work with startups on product, marketing and user experience strategies with a strong slant toward image-heavy products.

I cut my teeth on alternative newspapers and then moved to the web where I worked for E*TRADE, WebMD and started a few companies of my own.

I’m a weekend painter and the spiritual leader of an art cult on a compound near Yosemite.

Find me on Twitter or elvispresley@gmail.com

Below are some favorite projects:

Chirp Interactive: Co-Founder, Creative Director

Chirpscreen presented a constantly evolving visualization of social media streams as a Facebook app, a screensaver and desktop app. Calling content from Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and EBay to create a personalized engaging display of your network activities.

Chirp was funded by Greylock Partners and acquired by Comcast.

SuperTwitter: Co-Founder

Following on our work with Chirp Interactive, we were still convinced there were a lot more interfaces possible with the tsunami of imagery folks were posting on Twitter. We thought that a mobile entertainment app that not only showed the text of the tweet but layered it on the image, was a fun way to view a tweet. A link to an image just wasn’t cutting it.

We developed an api that fetched referenced images, sized them for the iPhone then layered the text on top and spit it out in a full screen iPhone app. The results were a wild serendipitous display of unexpected imagery especially when using the wildcard search functionality.

The Flickr set

KONTOR: Co-Founder, Chief Creative Officer

KONTOR was a hub for architects and designers to search, browse, curate, share and shop office design.

For KONTOR, Jeff worked side by side with the CEO to validate the market opportunity with the leading architecture and design firms. We specified the brand, product features, CMS, user experience and produced the high fidelity prototypes used in business development and fundraising.

TechCrunch on KONTOR
Wall Street Journal on KONTOR

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