It’s not a comfortable thought, but I can imagine an effective president of the USA who also sexually assaults women. … but that President isn’t Donald Trump.

The sexual assaults are horrifying. But the most horrifying thing about Donald Trump is that he can’t concentrate on a thought for even a minute at a time. He can’t remember things which happened thirty seconds ago. He cannot understand simple questions posed to him in simple language. His apparent tendency to lie about having said and done certain things may not actually be lying.

This fact has probably been obscured by politicians’ natural tendency to change the subject using a classic speech pattern:

Interviewer: How can you both lower taxes and increase military spending?
Politician: I’m glad you asked me that, but first let me say, the biggest threat to our country is terrorism…

This is something politicians learn to do. It’s a technique.

But I don’t see Trump using that technique. Watch the debate again. When he’s asked how he will protect Muslim Americans, he reacts as if the prompt was “What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘Muslim’?” He doesn’t deflect the question, he doesn’t intentionally change the subject, he seems unable to understand it altogether, and he simply free-associates. It’s like this with almost every question.

He gives every impression of suffering from some kind of serious illness.

Sexual assault isn’t the least bit funny. But does nobody see an even more serious problem?

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