Mastering the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The title suggests that we have come a long way but as Robert Frost rightly said, “ Miles to go before I sleep! ”, I believe we have yet to go further to liberate ourselves from the shackles of physical boundness. The first revolution started with Cotton Looms, Steam Engines and then came Mass Producing Factories, after that the whole PC revolution changed the world. These three revolutions can be said as backing examples of English Proverb, “ Necessity is the mother of invention ”. The fourth revolution will not be the result of raw nature of necessity, instead it will be the epitome of human creative spirit which inspires us to fly.

The fourth revolution is the revolution of Virtual Reality backed in background by Physical Reality. All that is created by Men; everything from greatest inventions of science to greatest concepts of philosophy, justice,human rights; is the result of our imagination and how we have put this imagination onto physical world. The fourth revolution will, indeed, put our imagination onto the physical reality in a real sense. It will create layers of virtual reality which will dynamically talk with physical reality, and will help in expansion of human creativity universally.

The convergence of virtual and physical reality or I would like to put it this way, the overlapping of virtual on physical, will change and make things better from micro to macro. The changes, if I think of myself, will be unparalleled. Every concept of every theory will be made better. The fourth revolution will change individual approach of understanding life, and it will change our thinking. Thus, this new thinking will bring more and more amazing inventions. The simple understanding of a structure, any type-whether architectural or of a molecule, will be made so accessible that in a real sense humans will be able to play with physical reality.

The individual changes will be combined for family, industry and community; and will create class of New Modern Men; who will be more intellectual, creative and sympathetic. The change, if one takes the example of India, at national level will be of both nature-positive and negative. The positive changes at individual level will benefit Indian population and economy; but at the same time, there will be divide in population. One part of Indian population is living in First Industrial Revolution, one in part in Second, one part in Third and the one part will have access to Fourth revolution. This is one sad reality which will take place or is in existence in developing and underdeveloped countries. The silver lining, in case of India and similar developing countries, is that the majority are in Third revolution so that we shall have chance to bring them to Fourth.

The fourth revolution is disrupting, its one aspect has already started taking jobs earlier done by humans. The first revolution created the class of opposing Luddites but I believe the disruption of fourth revolution will not have major opposition as it will be more touching. The fourth revolution will take away jobs only to send humans to higher levels. The new thinking infused by it, shall create unparalleled innovation that will shift the whole humanity to next level. The main risk is going to be of divide, more so in developing and underdeveloped countries. The Government and Business houses supported easy access to fourth revolution shall solve the issue in developing countries, but more and multi-pronged approach will be required for underdeveloped countries. The going through from revolutions must be accelerated in underdeveloped countries with the help of strongly structured policy. The fourth revolution will play out in a way that humans will blossom in a harmony with it. To reap rewards, the only thing one must have is easy access. Accessibility is the key.

The earlier revolution took us, in a sense, away from nature and our true self. This led to concepts of Alienation by thinkers like Karl Marx. The fourth revolution, very contrary to its predecessors, will take Mankind nearer to nature. It will converge Nature and Man. Man being part of nature shall have the starting of convergence from fourth revolution. The new world is coming- “ Virtually Physical ” and creative.