There is a place not too far from home
But it is different in a way only known 
To those who have felt a warm embrace in a cold airplane seat, 
Felt a tingling of happiness in their feet

It’s different — because it isn’t a place at all
It’s that feeling you get when someone holds just the small
Of your back, on a sultry summer eve, 
At a promenade where your hair does the tango with the breeze
And despite the surprise of the moment, there is an ease

A calm — for you’ve known this smell before
It’s the familiar salty bite of the shore
But no, there’s more — there’s more to this utopian place
This feeling is now a warm glow on my face

And it makes this cold airplane tolerable in a way
And it hardly matters that I'm miles away
For this warm glow could light up many a room
For this afternoon, I stole a splash of your perfume


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