Self Care: Set that morning routine

I remember back in the time when summer vacations started all my friends who used to stay around used to get excited about waking up really early so that we could start playing early. Every evening I would be part of that plan and ditch them shamelessly the next morning. They used to come over to my place, pull my blanket and try very hard to make me wake up but I never budged.

Of all the relationships I’ve had, the one with my bed has so far been the strongest. *evil laugh* I’m the laziest girl I know and I won’t be surprised if I’m the laziest girl you know as well. I’ve had my share of playing during school and in the evenings but I just cannot wake up in the mornings. I guess just five minutes before my alarm is about to go on, my mind unconsciously starts thinking of reasons to not get up and wins. :)

I’m a planner, if I’ve planned( and I really want) to go for a run in the evening then nobody can stop me and hence such plans are never for the morning as my sweet sleep wins over everything! So every morning I wake up around 10 minutes after the alarm and rush into things, I’m generally brushing my teeth with one hand and making a cup of coffee with the other and well, there’s no drinking water, no meditating, no wholesome breakfast.

Off late I’ve realized that although I’m 26, my body has turned 60. I’ve developed back and neck issues and get these uncalled for headaches out of nowhere. I thought I was alright till my mum suggested that I get an X-ray and post that it hit me that I need to treat my body like it deserves to be treated, like a temple!

Hence I’ve decided to become a morning person, have a routine. I obviously have to start by hitting the bed early as my unconditioned love for my sleep is steady as a rock.

I’ve started staking my vitamins regularly thanks to my super awesome habit tracker and I WILL EAT VEGETABLES YOU GUYS! It’s decided!

If you are 10% of as lazy as I am and need to figure out your morning routines as well then here’s the plan:

Step One: Figure out what works for you

Take a pen and a paper, jot down your current routine, then figure out what you NEED to do and leave that paper for some time. Come back in some time and figure out what works for you and what are the alternatives to make the things that might not work. Don’t be unrealistic, nobody is asking you to wake up at 4 am and start your day with 1 hour of yoga (though that’s what my mum would suggest :) ) But hey, get over with anything and everything that aren’t your favorite activities in this newly found time. I’d rather work out and get done with it in the morning now that I’ve decided to wake up early than to push it to the evening and come up with a pretty excuse and push it to never. ❤

Step 2: Strike off things that don’t!

I don’t need to open Instagram!
I don’t need to open Instagram!
I don’t need to open Instagram!
I don’t need to open Instagram!
I don’t need to open Instagram!
I don’t need to open Instagram!

If I need to make my morning as constructive as I am imagining it to be right now then are too many things that I need to not do or find an alternative to.

So don’t open social media or even fidget with your phone or mails when you get up and no snoozing of the alarm.

Also, since I stay away from home there are a few more things that I need to manage that now need to be done an evening before, like ironing the next day’s work clothes, packing a lunch ( cafeteria food is poison only :/ ) and most importantly take my gym clothes out else that will be another excuse *evil smile yet again!*

So like me, you need to figure out what doesn’t work out for you and find alternatives to make the morning time more productive. Look at what you don’t have time for and cut anything that isn’t necessary. Then ask yourself how you can restructure your day.

Whatever you decide, the most important thing is that it must work for you and your body.

Step 3: Stick to the routine

Sure you don’t have to be hard on yourself in the beginning, if it’s very tough then you just might give up on the whole idea, so yea, skip a thing or two for some time but once you are used to the routine then follow everything. Stick to the plan and make it a part of your life like in a way that when you look back, you can’t remember when was the last time you slept till late ( except for hungover days) and be proud of yourself :D

Step 4: Love, pamper and worship your body and soul

Don’t wait for health problems to hit you and make you realize how precious you are to yourself. Work on your well-being. Keep a portion of your salary aside every month to pamper yourself. There should be a morning and evening skincare routine, a list of what you like eating and what you need to start. Get a health checkup (regularly) and figure out if there are any vitamins that you need to inculcate in your routine. ( :/ guess who got a blood test after the X-ray also last week. )

p.s. When I say pamper it does not mean go and shop for clothes and shoes, hehe.

Step 5: BREAKFAST is a must.

Confession: Never ate breakfast! Just a cup of milk every morning. The parents have been saying this our entire life that breakfast is that one meal that shouldn’t be skipped, in fact, it should be the heaviest. But do we listen? Nope! Well guys, it’s time that we do. No coffee doesn’t count either!

Ever since I’ve started writing on this platform I feel the need to bring about many changes in myself, only then it’ll make sense to give others any advice. So my tracker for the morning routine is on, starting today.

Do you have a morning routine? Tell me what does (or doesn’t) work for you in the comments below!