What Google Means for San Jose’s Future
Sam Liccardo

As a San Jose native, what concerns me most isn’t the benefits the software engineers Google will recruit from across the country will get, rather what happens to the thousands of residents that will no longer be able to afford to pay rent and live in the city of San Jose? Already we have 4,350 individuals unhoused in San Jose with the cost of living being so high, you need to earn $50 an hour to live here without being burdened. I am disappointed that the city refuses to take into account the thousands of people who will be harmed by negotiations and the fact that this crucial vote is occurring at 1:30 on a Tuesday afternoon, a time when the majority of residents affected by this decision will be at work. If you and the rest of city council really cared about hearing the voices of all the people in San Jose, you would not rely on the “68% approval poll” that only surveyed 400 people to justify a decision affecting millions of people.