Magic Accessories

No matter how much u love dressing up simple,there are few accessories you always end up wearing. I would like to share a few favorites of mine :

#Reto-inspired, round shaped Miu miu sunglasses. This has been one of my best purchases this year. I was pretty doubtful if they’ll suit me or not but what the hell, I love classic and iconic things. No matter which outfit I have worn these sunglasses with, I was never disappointed.

#A wide brimmed straw hat that I specifically picked up for my beach holiday from ForeverNew. Though later I discovered that it’s kinda cool to wear it on warm sunny days. Pair it with jeans and casual shirt/top, it will look pretty trendy. It does go well with cute little summer and maxi dresses. I paired my sunglasses and hat together and I think, I did well. 😉

# A beautiful white and pink scarf I picked up from Accessorize last winters. I was a bit apprehensive to put it to use, mostly because I had never worn such feminine neck scarf before and also I am pretty bad at styling these around my neck. I won’t deny I had wanted to wear it many times before but never really managed to get it right. I genuinely believe that you always end up dressing up decently when u have no idea what you gonna wear. I guess, this indecisiveness led me to finally wear it and I think I did a decent job.☺️

# Recently I bought this beautiful brown waist belt. I haven’t worn it yet but I must tell you the moment I look at it, my brain starts showcasing we different outfits I can wear it with. I am pretty excited to wear it and still keeping it virgin till the time I find a Perfect outfit for its debut.

# I have been in love with my TOMS for a long time now. Who knew there exists the most comfortable and stylish walking shoes ever. I was forcefully introduced to them when I had to trade my pumps with some shoes in order to do sky diving in Hawaii. I searched for some random shoe shop where I could find most economically priced shoes. Yeah, I did want to buy the cheapest ones because,the only option I had was to look among all the pricey brands available at our hotel. I bought my first TOMS which were black in color and costed me Rs.3000 . That was my best purchase of that trip. Once I worn them ,I wore them all the time, every time I could ,whenever I was going out till the time I worn them out and got the new ones.

#Marriage is a beautiful institution and so is the sparkle that comes with it 😉☺️. My engagement ring is the most precious and beautiful accessory I could ever ask for, Period!!