Sisterhood of Pilani sentiments ❤️

One of the many reasons I started blogging is because I wanted to help my friend establish her website. I consider myself lucky that I am blessed with the most amazing gang of friends.I can vividly remember every moment I have spent with them during our school days. This weekend I had the most delightful time rejoicing those good old days.

My look for the day

( Top: random pick from an exhibition, Jeans: D&G, Flip Flops: Tory burch, Purse: D&G, Belt: Versace , Sunglasses: Miu Miu)

Now, let me introduce you to four friends of mine, who are just a few among my many lovely and faithful friends .

Lot of things changes after marriage, especially after having kids.Two of my friends, Anamika and Shrishti have kids. Their kids decided the time and place of this meeting ( pun intended 😜😀). I call them super mommies, they manage everything without help and never complain.

Beautiful Shrishti with her baby boy Hridaan.

Beautiful Shrishti with her baby boy Hridaan.

She is the silent one amongst us all, always. smiling. She got married at a pretty young age but that didn’t deter her to pursue her dreams. Worked for good five years before she had a baby and will resume work as soon as her son starts play school.

Pretty Anamika( Anna, that’s more convenient to say) , she left her son Arjun with his dad ( I gave him I silent applaud in my mind).

She is into apparel business, which she is most passionate about in her life. She is a terror for her employees, coz she will never settle with average and will make you work till the time it’s not done as per she desires. So, don’t be deceived by the looks 😜, she is the bossy one.

We get to meet so rarely that meetings like this is what we always look forward to. As we all studied in boarding school so most of us are from different cities, or are married in different cities. I am married too and because my husband’s business doesn’t allow him to stay in one country, I travel a lot.

This meeting was made possible because of my friend Archana( we call her DVD, short form of her surname, Dwivedi plus it’s more fun)

Archana is the smart one among us all;she always topped the class in school. She lives in Bangalore and is working with Bosch. She comes from a small town in Bihar. Considering how much and how far she has come, the sense of respect I have for her, just keeps increasing every time she succeeds in her projects.She is in a committed relationship and will get married any time soon with the love of her life.

We met at this posh restaurant/cafe called threesixtyone• at Oberoi Gurgaon for High Tea.

We ordered in our coffee and snacks and lost track of the time until a call from Anna’s husband reminded her of her mommy duties. Yes, we got lost in our conversations so much that I forget to click pictures of our beverages and snacks, which by the way were delicious..( I regret not clicking pictures of food so I could have shared it with you, a view of tasty & healthy appetite 😍)

On the way I excused myself to The Oberoi Patisserie and Delicatessen, to buy some delicious chocolates and cookies.

Not to forget we also took the opportunity to check out the premium brand outlets at the hotel.

We left the hotel on a good note. Now you all must be wondering that I mentioned four friends, where did the fourth one go. Well, our day didn’t end their, we headed to Anna’s house for further adventures and there is where I met with my friend Shiksha.

The professor Shiksha

She is a Law professor and her undenied argumentative skills just go well with her profession. She belongs to a family of lawyers and is happily married.

It’s amazing how driving around the town with friends and listening to music can do wonders to your mood. Even the horrible traffic jam couldn’t do much to prevent us from having fun. When we reached home, we were welcomed by Shiksha who was already waiting for us there, rest is history. We had the most amazing night till date.

The meeting was EPIC! There is nothing more refreshing than a pleasant day with friends.


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