Reduce Operational Expenses on the Cloud with Azure CSP

Cheapest isn’t necessarily the best! When it comes to cloud computing, downtime, service issues, etc can prove extremely cost.
 We have compiled few points to be considered to reduce the operational expenses on the cloud.

Now, you as a customer today, have an option to choose one of the below Azure subscriptions
 1) Azure in EA (Traditionally available for enterprise customers with a pre-paid annual commitment)
 2) Azure in Open (Traditionally available by pre-buying credits)
 3) Azure in Direct (Traditionally available via credit card)
 4) Azure in CSP (New post-paid & monthly billed)

What is CSP and Why is it a great value for cloud customer?
 While Cloud adaption has mainly been driven by the crunchy economics and the need to convert Cap-ex to Op-ex, it is important to understand the importance of also minimize operational expenditure when you move from on-premises to cloud.
 While the above listed options 1, 2 & 3 of Azure subscriptions, helped customers from converting costly capital expenditures on hardware infrastructure to a monthly pay-as-you-use rental expense, anyone who has used Azure services will know that to get peaceful sleep during nights, you still needed a team of experienced in-house Azure experts and Support from Microsoft (which is not free and needs to be paid for), where both of these now get added as a recurring cost to your operational expense budget.