me: ‘why can’t you sleep?’

she: ‘don’t know. i find it difficult to sleep. mom called and acted like she didn’t know i was sleeping or that i can’t go back to sleep if i am woken up once. one of the many gifts of Anxiety Disorder.’

me: ‘maybe she didn’t realize you were sleeping.’

she: <voice slightly raised because CAPS but not screaming yet because not bolded> ‘i told her. THRICE. there wasn’t a hint of an apology. not in her words. not in her tone.’

me: 'c’est la parents.’

she: <now cracking up because ‘heh’ but not visibly shaking with laughter because no 'Bwahahaha’> 'heh! yeah. yours are worse.’

me: 'hey, hey, hey! you got your own set, right? take swings at them, not mine. i have my own club to take to the heads of mine already.’

she: 'ewww! bad visual. say something else. quick.’

me: 'i love you!’

she: 'i know.’

me: 'er…’

she: 'listen. sleep is coming. talk later.’

me: 'er…’

she: line disconnects

Try #67 to get Lux to confess. Still no success. Tomorrow’s another day.

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